Mike Carney Leg Over Bar Pedal Grind Jan 19, 2010

Photo by Jeff Frane

LOL WUT? Jeff from Bike Jerks (that’s it man, you’re getting sharpied at night) is reporting that Mike Carney was doing leg-over-bar pedal grinds last night. Somewhere James Newman is either impressed, or rolling over in his bed.

Ha! Can’t wait to see you guys this weekend in Milwaukee!

  • drew leshko

    so lame.

  • carney

    hahaha. Prolly, I can’t believe you posted this. I’m tryin to call it the Stanky Leg grind

  • im not too sure about this one

  • scissorneck

    Thats why i love ya mike……..

  • newman

    callin me out. yeah seems pretty awkward, i’d hafta see that one on video. always a fan of something new though! to me, that’s what it’s all about. newness.
    oh and i’m going to get that mtb today fuckers.

  • Noir

    Candybar pedal grind?
    Just like the one Hanson Little did in Let’s Get Mystical