Mid-West Mayhem Videos Jan 24, 2010

Some quick videos from Ronsta on Flickr. Thanks for upping these! More below.

and here’s the banger….

I got the clip, from the wall head-on with my HD Camera. Looks so fucking insane from this angle too.

Last night was the most significant fixed gear event to date. HUGE thanks to Ben’s Cycle for toting everyone around, taking their bikes to the spot and thanks a ton to all the sponsors. More to come people!

  • john

    Wonka did damage. How were the standings?

  • justin

    yeah the last clip was amazing, wonka killin shit again!

  • Manny

    You guys were ridiculous last night. HUGE kicker to wall transfers, acid drops, shit- sparks even flew.

  • Stop calling it a wall ride, no one doesn’t ride the wall. its called a wall tap.

  • 1st – Tom Lamarche
    2nd – Ed Wonka
    3rd – Slaylor

    JUJU, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

    THIS is a wall tap

  • Jordan White

    daaamn that WALL RIDE was sick as fuck. ;)

  • guys. VERY NICE! Sick all around.

  • mat

    WONKA NYC IRAKREW is proud of you young brother…

  • danny

    That was a decent gap even by 20” standards. It definitely wasn’t ruben big, but it was a hefty huck for sure.


  • wish i could have made it out there.

  • Mark

    No offense, but this is what I dislike about fgfs. Sure, the wallride/tap was cool, but every other good BMXer can do that without blinking. I just feel like fgfs tricks completely pale in comparison to BMX tricks…

  • hank

    wall ride, wall ride, wall ride. hehe.

  • sam

    Slaylor and Schmidt tied for third.

  • Mark, without sounding like a dick lemme just say this; of course it’s pale in comparison, but it’s fun and it’s something new and fresh. Last night was such a positive environment and I get the feeling once you see my video, you’ll feel differently about the wallride/tap

  • scissorneck

    Ya hows my footy proll ;]

    more vids pleez

  • Jake [DPH]

    I agree. Sure, it’s been done and then some on BMX, but look at it like this; such as circuit racing, it’s been done before but just with a variety of vehicles, some people just choose which ones they like to ride.

    Anyways, MWM was an incredible blast, so much went down it was insane. Props to everyone who helped, and participated.

  • I blasted my BMX at three different wallride spots last night, and I’ve gotta say that it feels awesome to do those even when they’re smaller. Props to Wonka, looking forward to your video, John.

  • John,

    Thanks for the post. It was great meeting all you guys and awesome having this event go down in our own backyard. The vibe all night was super cool and positive. Seeing Tom go off as soon as he got in the park was sick, regardless of what kind of bike it was!

    BTW, I’m ‘formerly’ of Sun Ringle, but that’s cool as they still make some killer stuff.

  • Fabian

    sick clips! great gap, and sure the tricks are bigger and badder on a bmx, but then again its easier. fgfs is fun because its still new. everyday new shit is coming out of the woodwork

  • HartboyDC

    i couldnt really tell who person was in the last video, but i just knew by how fucking fast he was going it had to be wonka

  • crihs

  • gus

    thats gif always reminds me of myself hahaha
    good shit that wall ride was sick and torrey feeble was on point!

  • NICE ONE prollbear!!

  • tdhk

    ahhh… prollbear

  • Vas


  • ladyrachel

    +1 for riding with a helmet!

  • i rolled the wall its not a tap youll see.

  • Chris Fonseca was on my computer posting those comments.

  • chris? or ricky?