Mid-West Mayhem Roll Call Jan 16, 2010

Ok. Reports are flooding my Twitter of numerous riders from all over coming to Milwaukee for the Mid-West Mayhem. Is this possibly, the biggest Fixedgear event of all time? Who will win the trick comp? Who will pass out in yellow snow? Who will make us breakfast!??!

So far here’s the list that I know of:

-Kris LC
-Sean Milnes
-Huck-It Puckett
-AJ Austin
-Jeff AC
-Mystery ringer…

Like Moses warned the Pharaoh of the locusts, I would like to warn the citizens of Milwaukee. Stay indoors, board your windows and be prepared for the reign.

I can only imagine what will happen to people if Polo players were getting locked up!

If you’re coming to this event and you aren’t from MKE, post in the comments. I’m sure the organizers are feeling quite nervous about this turnout!

  • flight is booked motherfucker!

  • zach renner

    there is four of us + burd comming from indianapolis

  • the Chicago crew will be there in full effect, so I’d say no one else has a chance! mwahaha!!

  • Locust reign!!

  • aj

    “actually wayne is pronouced mill e wau que, which is algonquin for the good land”
    -Alice Cooper

    Third Coast will be there with Peru.
    anyone want a Texas shirt or coffee mug?

  • Bring it! Milwaukee will show you things that Brooklyn doesn’t have. Beer, and lots of it. Bring your holster & mallet, it’s going to be an all out slay fest. The viking will surrender!

    On a serious note. MBPC invites you to a pick-up game if we’re playing that weekennd. Have no fear, the party is near.

  • oh really? you guys have 4am bar closings too?

  • Andrew

    Ouch. Milwaukee’s bars close at 2am. Aside: You can’t buy beer after 9pm.

  • It looks like I get to go too. :)

  • aj

    can i ship a 24 pack of lonestar to someone?

  • No…But MKE will treat you just fine until 2:30am.
    Airport lounge is good spot to hit before you enter the city.

  • im ready to get my ass handed to me…ha.

  • br

    wheres the peeps from the volume team?

  • shawn182

    what up john this is shawn from indy im one of those 5 dudes from indiana makin the trip!! so excited for this!

  • So vinny seems to think people are not gonna be partying hard… bikes are rad but whos into writing on shit and gettin rowdy… really… lets get buck.

  • love this song. overall i like the agoraphobic nosebleed stuff better… but this song slays.