Mid-West Mayhem Map Jan 18, 2010

Kevin at COG Mag put together a nice little Google Maps of the fine eateries and bars in the Milwaukee area. That was so kind of Mr. Sparrow so make sure you bookmark it, upload it to your iPhone and keep it handy.

Mid-West Mayhem Final Flier

  • Andrew

    I’m not going to point out every omission on that map, but if you’re coming to Milwaukee by bike and plan on drinking you have to try the Frenchie (bloody mary) at the notoriously bike-friendly Cafe Hollander (2608 North Downer Avenue).

  • JoshB

    comet cafe is the place to eat, and swinging door is the bar to go to (its where western union had their bike messenger HQ back in 1890 and there are original photographs on the wall as well) wish i could make it to the mayhem.

  • More suggestions please! Andrew, thanks! I will ad it to the list! I compiled this last night really quick at 2AM. If you see something that is not on the list, post it here and i will ad it. Thanks!

  • Andrew

    Kevin – Great list! You got a lot of places in River West and South Side that I wouldn’t have thought of. I’ll fill in my neighborhood a little bit:

    -Bike stuffs-
    Cory the Bike Fixer – 2410 North Murray Avenue

    Rochambo – 1317 East Brady Street (pretty big coffee shop w/food, near the rest of the Brady stuff)
    Brewing Grounds for Change – 2008 North Farwell Avenue (Everyone loves fair trade organic….I think)


    Maharaja – 1550 North Farwell Avenue (great Indian food, cheap lunch buffet)
    Pizza Shuttle – 1827 North Farwell Avenue (fast,good pizza)
    Emperor of China – 1010 East Brady Street (great Chinese, really close to other stuff)
    Cafe Brucke – 2101 North Prospect Avenue (neighborhood cafe, no smoking (hard to find in MKE), always interesting conversation, owner Jerry is a great guy)
    Trocadero – 1758 North Water Street (good food, good drinks, plenty of space)

    Nomad World Pub – 1401 East Brady Street (close to your other stuff, decent music)
    –I don’t think you guys will have any trouble finding bars here. Milwaukee has more bars per capita than any other major city in the U.S.

  • Andrew

    Of course, things you can’t miss if you come to MKE:

    Lakefront Brewery Tour – 1872 North Commerce Street (Best tour in MKE, not open on Sunday)
    Downtown Books – 327 East Wisconsin Avenue (three stories and miles of winding labyrinths of books)
    Milwaukee Art Museum – 700 Art Museum Drive (Calatrava, Warhol, etc.)

  • Andrew,
    Just added to the list! How Could I forget Maharaja!?


  • jordan

    *edit. don’t go to pizza shuttle! can’t believe you’re trying to tell nyc riders to go there. blaspheme! check out george webb’s across the street though. not that it’s good, but it’s a wisco thang! you’re safe with the hashbrowns and maybe a grilled cheese. oh and it’s 24/7!

  • Yes. Don’t send me to / feed me sub-par Pizza or Bagels. I won’t be happy.

  • Andrew

    Blasphemy? I would have suggested Pizza Man, but it was a quieter, marginally classier place and, well, burned down this morning: http://www.latimes.com/witi-100119-fire-pizza-man,0,219432.story

    As for Pizza Shuttle being blasphemy…it is a local Milwaukee start-up that is literally built from a whole host of demo’d buildings around Wisconsin (wisco thang), supports a lot of charities, has won many awards for its small business success, welcomes large groups of (potentially loud) people, serves alcohol, halfway inexpensive, smoke free, open late, pretty tasty pizza…it’s not like I sent them to Pizza Hut or something…

    George Webb is a fine chain restaurant for your 3am drunk eats I guess, but I’d suggest Apollo Cafe or Oakland Gyros for that sort of thing first.

  • Andrew

    John – As for bagels, you’re out of luck. You’d have to head to Chicago to get a real bagel. Bruegger Bagels – 2043 E North Ave – is the closest you’ll get to the goods.

  • this is a bagel

  • I would have to agree with Andrew. Pizza Shuttle is a classic place in Milwaukee. Great for late night doughy goodness. Much better places to eat, yes. But we wanna give people options.

    oh yeah, Prolly dont make fun of the way we say “bagel” its a Wisco thing. I got a ton if sh*t for it when i lived in NYC. :)

  • jordan

    andrew. sorry to offend you. i don’t care what pizza shuttle has done for the community, that’s not what i was commenting on. compared to nyc, you did send them to pizza hut.

  • Andrew

    Jordan – No offence taken, but if we’re trying to meet New York standards I suppose they might as well not show up. Milwaukee isn’t known for its pizza, and every attempt to mimic New York-style or Chicago-style fails. Pizza Shuttle meets the criterion I laid out before and, if you like greasy pizza, is pretty good. Moreover, if I go to New York, I certainly hope John Prawry wouldn’t give me a list of breweries and Polish/German restaurants that attempt to mimic traditional Milwaukee. When in Rome (or in this case, Milwaukee).

    After all of this hype I hope someone goes there and gives the “meh, it fed me when drunk” review I’m expecting.

  • sean[JAM]