Mid-West Mayhem Here I Come Jan 12, 2010


In what will be the first of many massive trick comps for the fixed freestyle sport, the Mid-West Mayhem event has been pulling commitment from riders all over the US to Milwaukee, in the dead of winter, like moths to a bug zapper. Only MKE will not be as warm as a bug zapper. With an indoor venue like Cream City Skatepark though, who could resist?

I got everything lined up and will be in attendance repping Milwaukee and Mishka / DART. So stoked to finally meet all you clowns.

Where’s the ROLL CALL? Who’s going? Robster Craw?

  • carney

    see you there sucker, I’ll bring some MN Viking pajamas for you to sleep in

  • see you there.

  • julio

    see ya there!

  • Wonka and I are there.

    GOrilla, Skitch, Chari and Co, all day!

  • your worst nightmare

    i’ll be there in a pirate suit. watch your back. pirates are way cooler than vikings.

  • Vikings pre-date pirates by 100’s of years. Pirates were bitches that got beheaded by constables.

  • Shea[DPH]

    Stoked! See you there dude!

    Guess were gonna have to add The Flaming Shield Toss to the event list now huh?


  • vin-E-smalls

    I be dere

  • scissorneck

    got a big wedding to go to or I would be there…

  • AJ

    I’ll be there with Peru!
    come say hi, we’ll be the guys covered in Texas flags, wearing our I Tx Texas shirts, and bumpin willie nelson chopped and screwed.


  • marrrrk.

    Absolutely going! This event is gonna be huge!