Mid-West Mayhem Friday Night Street Session Jan 31, 2010

Midwest Mayhem Friday Night Street Session from Sam Erickson on Vimeo.

Yeah! Sam posted a nice edit from the street session at the War Memorial in Milwaukee. Glad Sam caught Carney’s landing, because I missed it. Oh yeah, this is the first mentioning of Team Go!

More on that later…

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  • gus

    eddie murphy!

  • JeffPuckett

    AJ, why don’t you ever carry around extra zip ties?

  • Why does he need zip-ties?

  • JeffPuckett

    bacause he runs his feetbelts awkwardly (outside the pedal instead of through the pedal) and the only way to keep’em together is zip-ties…

  • drinkycrow

    so you’re grinding away at a WW2 memorial? classy. did you look around and think “they died, so that we might shred…”

  • puckett

    team gos fuckin gay.
    im a veteran.

  • aj

    it was the city municipal building sign, the war memorial was off to the side and nobody touched it.