Martin Angelov’s Kolelinia Jan 13, 2010

Martin Angelov’s Koleinia is a radical (pun intended) proposal for urban cyclists looking for one more advantage over the congestion-causing cars in our cities. In school, I was all about looking at urban “hold out” spaces being utilized in new and interesting ways. This project definitely falls into that category. There’s a few more images of Angelov’s proposal below. It’ll be easier to understand the proposal, verses the rendering above, which is more about a graphic representation of his intent.

The project won first place in the Line of Site‘s Transportation Interchange Brief entry.

See more graphics at his site for the Kolelinia here.

  • wilis

    Rise above!

  • JD

    i think id rather ride in traffic.

  • But you could doo doo on the cars! Think of the possibilities!

  • Craig

    I’d probably be terrified at first, but then it’d be pretty cool. wind might be kinda scary, and if you DID fall it would be really scary. how is it going to work with restraint? I see some sort of harness type thing, does that mean all bicyclists would have to start wearing climbing belts?

    I’d definitely love to try it, but I dunno how it’d work out for actual application.

  • It is in the same spirit as the FDR Drive Bike highway we proposed during Transportation Alternatives’ New Amsterdam Bike Slam:

    We were tasked with making an Eastside greenway, but rather than making a greenway on the Eastside where bikes and pedestrians clash, we thought we should make an elevated bikeway for continuous riding, and keep the greenway safe for strolling.

  • Gman

    How would u get around slow moving bikes?

  • couldn’t use em in the winter where i live, they’d fill with ice. still soooo awesome though.

  • Lawsuits for all! how would you get up to them in the first place? Good idea but having to wear a harness seems too much hassle

  • T_M

    Not to mention, most large US cities (at least on the East Coast) have a lot of overhead wires, etc.

    Seems like an amusing idea for a source of entertainment (search Hotchkiss Bicycle Railway) but is idiocy as a form of transportation.

  • Stuart

    Have you considered what to do if someone’s bike breaks down? The inner surface would need to be made of something that creates friction, as metal would be no good if it rains. Would birds present a threat to safety? I think there are too many impracticalities to justify this as anything more than an art project, but maybe somewhere… It wouldn’t work in Glasgow city centre I think- too hilly, and all the school kids would throw chips at you.

  • Steve

    Anyone ever ride in Boston, San Fransisco or anywhere else with trolley tracks? Anyone else see the big hole in this design? Biking in a groove is hard as hell! You’d have to rely on the safety stuff all the time to stay upright like training wheels! I don’t wear diapers when I go out drinking, why would I go back to that training wheels feeling? WTF? How’d this get first? Designer doesn’t even know the user! Riding above traffic is a cool idea, but this sh needs work! I want to see a proof of concept video of the designer trying to ride in a trolley track.

  • great, great, great! New way of thinking urban mobility. Solution make a grid. Only critically point localized in “up-down” from street plane and up-line grid. I like if you will work in that way, that’s very big new!