Machotaildrop Jan 14, 2010

This is unrelated to the normal content, but looks good. Clearly, there’s some Twin Peaks and Wes Anderson influence. Looks like a great film.

  • morehart Films

    Thats my Bro Corey Adams new film from Vancouver!

  • It’s a sequel to Harvey Spannos!

    Looks amazing!

  • looks awesome would love to see it and the first one Harvey spannos. if only skate video and bike videos could look like that.

  • ian

    if that kid was owen wilson, the old guy was bill murray, his friend was jason schwartzman, and luke wilson was in there somewhere i would think it was a wes anderson movie.

  • That looks awesome. Definitely could see it picking up a following very quickly.

  • antihero1972

    looks like a steve olson cameo too.

  • josh

    this looks AWESOME!

  • jonnyneedledick

    thanks for puttin it up john!

  • oddfellow

    style bitin for shore

  • In the creative world, it’s called a “precedent” and EVERYONE uses precedents. Biting has a negative connotation. Everyone, from Hitchcock to Anderson used some form of precedent.

  • Loo Ganida

    Most definitely not biting. Corey and Alex have they’re own style. Fuel TV needs to get this out in theaters now! CAN’T FUCKING WAIT!!

  • Its cool to see Rick McCrank in a movie!