John Hargraft: Tom Mosher Jan 30, 2010

Photo by John Hargraft

You may remember John’s photos from the NYC Revival Premiere post. He’s a Toronto-based photographer that’s been documenting the growing scene there for a while now. From shooting photos for the Revival, to random freestyle pics, John’s managed to capture some amazing photos of people in the past few months. This shot of Mosher is really great. Mosher’s a guy who, despite all his hard work, doesn’t really receive a whole lot of recognition. The dude sure as hell deserves it, so here’s a post of some of Hargraft’s photos of Mosher. There’s one more below.

Photo by John Hargraft

Great work. Keep em coming man!

The NYC Revival Premiere
Tom Nose Mannie Bail

  • Tom you’re an absolute shredder. really nice shots John!

  • jamie

    YA TOM!!!

    wicked photos John

  • Jamie

    Also wanna say that Tom is a really great guy who deserves a ton of accolades. The first time I met him, he was super approachable and was down with teaching me anything I wanted to know. He’s a great teacher and awesome guy to hang with

    I met John this summer and he too was an extremely friendly guy from the get go. I didn’t know about his photography skills until some of his shots from the Revival premiere surfaced, but wow! Well done, man.

  • dontcoast

    tom’s probably one of the riders i respect the most just because of his dedication to innovation and his pro active attitude to encouraging rookies.


    I think tom is an interesting rider to watch. he is one talented dude. i actually found him through footbagging videos [when i was into that scene] and he is very prominant at that as well. his time will come, im sure.