Jakarta Fixed Gear Jan 18, 2010

Here’s a video of a guy in Jakarta riding through the densely-populated city. This is what he had to say about the video:

Despite the heat, humidity, pollution, traffic, poverty and general discomfort, Jakarta is a magical city where the simplicity of a bike can make you feel like a kid again.

The Big Durian as it’s affectionately known is ranked as one of the worlds most polluted city’s, with chocking smog, unimaginable traffic jams, horrific poverty and obscene wealth.

With one steel frame, two wheels, pedals, no brakes and one fixed-gear, this video is an ode to my adopted city and the beauty I have found riding in it.

  • dope

  • Nick

    Inspirational, great little film.

  • Christopher

    Wait, he has brakes in every scene…?

  • a little warning on the whole goat scene would of been nice.

  • Yes. Jakarta. Traffic + Hell.
    I need brake to anticipate those brainless motorcyclist and buses.

    But hey, I Love Jakarta still.

  • Kaiser

    Gday boys!
    i am in jakarta right now and wanted to rent/buy a bike
    for the next weeks! any ideas!? fixed, freewheel, road
    or crapy mountain-bike, doesnt matter, just something
    that rolls! would also be cool to meet some bike people
    in jakarta! rolling around! having fun!
    rocknroll, boys!

  • Josh C

    That’s RAD dude! What kind of bike did you use? I used to live in jakarta, and i couldn’t even ride a mountain bike there. Can’t imagine riding a fixie through those crazy traffics. This is a hella cool video!

  • JB

    That dude is crazy for not wearing a helmet…