J. Knice and Raul Gonzalez Jan 28, 2010

As a continuation of their monthly-collaboration t-shirt project, Knice clothing commissioned local LA artist Raul Gonzalez to design their next t-shirt. This one turned out nutty as hell! So dope.

J. Knice and Ramsey Dau

  • dstro

    what a shame: biting Hell Yes plus all the other black metal-skull-bike designs that have come out in the past couple of years – and not well. boring. fail

  • that’s not biting anymore than the other people you’ve named were “biting” their influences and precedents.

  • all art is a copy of something because you are influenced/inspired by the work that you see and like… just try to make it your own. but most likely its going to resemble some thing else.

  • jesse

    i think that its snice.

  • J

    usually I don’t do this, but I’m gonna take a stab in the dark and guess that dstro is under 25, has never grinded a 40 hour work week on 2 wheels to death metal. And has no idea that Raul’s UVSC venue books nothing but Death Metal, and Ska bands. I or Raul don’t know or give a shit who this “HELL YEAH” person is (no offense, i’ll look you up). And for the record most of the “black metal skulls” in the past 10 years have come out of this mans hands and I’m honored…why am I waisting my energy. Enjoy

  • dstr

    over 25, plenty of pedaling before and after 40 hour in the grind, enough metal to know what is heavy and what is weak, and enough time with pens, pencils and cans to know what style is. thanks for the assumptions when i was just spitting what i saw as fact-based opinions. sorry, prolly, for spreading hate; i was just reacting to what i saw as a poor attempt to market some shirts and i made a bad decision to get negative.

  • J

    All good, can’t please everyone. Keep it moving, ride safe.