In the Cutts: Cardiel Jan 26, 2010

intheCUTTS episode 6: JOHN CARDIEL from InThe Cutts on Vimeo.

Here it is! The In the Cutts episode with Cards. Check the press-release below. Looks like a rad time. Cardiel, come to NYC and hit me up!

What would you do to hang out with John Cardiel for a day? Apollo had to
swear he’d ride West Sac bank with John on a track bike. Not an easy task if
even on flat ground brakeless bikes tend to get the best of you. But you
don’t miss an opportunity to roll around Sacto with mister “All Hail
Cardiel” himself. A rider constantly referenced as the skateboarder every
skateboarder is inspired by.

John and Apollo take a look at some spots that are deserving of both local
and non-local attention. When Cardiel states, “a front tail needs to go down
on this gap to hubba.” Then some kid needs to pull that quote take it
literally and get themselves a front tail on the spot Cardiel called out.
Instant respect.

We’re so thankful for John’s willingness to kick it with us for a few days,
talk about skating and bikes. His skateboarding influences us all whether
you know it or not and for that we all should be eternally grateful.

Let’s get the John Cardiel episode up to 10,000 views in the first 48 hours.
He deserves the looks. Please post, retweet, forward on to homies…
Whatever you can to get this video the views it deserves!

In the Cutts: Cardiel Teaser 2
In the Cutts: Cardiel Teaser

  • scissorneck

    This cat Is soooooooooo dope. He has always gone so big….sk8 or die..

  • antihero1972

    Cards, fuck yeah what more can be said about the ruler!! hell of a nice guy down to earth and always has the PMA. all hail Cardiel!!!! John if your ever in SLC lets go pedal around and spot check for sure. We will go find out where brewer lives now and FSU ha,ha j/k

  • Hey man always much respect to Cards!Also that ledge in downtown Sacto has all ready been shut down by Zac Costa!
    check the barspin to ledge ride at 3:42!

  • pazzmore

    If you aint skatin’… you better be doin’ something. You know what I mean?”

  • antihero1972

    shad, not trying to sweat you, but its doesnt count when on a bmx. even though that guy rips.

  • It doesnt count on a bmx?Really because by the looks of it no skater has done it and definetly no fixed kid has hit it.