Hold Fast’s FRS: Two Months Later Jan 17, 2010

People always complain that the Hold Fast FRS bindings look like they will rip over time. I’ve heard it from a lot of people and I get a ton of emails from readers asking me how well mine have worn. Granted I’ve had every version of these straps, from the very first prototype to the most recent production model. The system has been through numerous stages of PR&D and I’m confident to say that this is the best version to date.

I’ve had this particular pair on my bike since I returned from Tokyo for the CMWCs. There’s plenty of wear and tear. Road salt, dirt and scratches on the metal buckles.

One of the bindings has a frayed section. Probably from the multiple times my bike’s slid on it’s side.

But it’s not that bad. Now, in retrospect, the amount of toe clips and straps I bought in a year before I started riding Hold Fast would have equaled way over their MSRP of even a few pairs. I was buying packs of Dimension plastic clips every week. I also ripped through a few pairs of Toshis from riding. After trying other toe straps and even wrapping them with tape, they still snapped from the constant abuse.

What I’m trying to say is, you’re going to wear out your equipment. The harder you ride, the faster it will wear out. But I’ve never snapped these straps and if I did, I’m sure I got their full use out of them. Some people recommend wrapping the buckle with tape, or doubling the excess strap around the buckle. I’ve never tried this, so I can’t say how well it works, but just know that these aren’t a weak or fragile foot retention system. They’re very durable. Hell, they’re hand made in Brooklyn. They have to be durable.

Nothing really prompted this post. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while now and I finally got around to it. If you’ve got pictures of your well worn Hold Fast FRS, feel free to post them up in the comments!

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  • I have been wondering this for some time, but not reason i haven’t got a pair yet, it’s the price, but you make a very good point about that.
    With everything said, Is this going to be the last version of the Hold Fast FRS? or is there still more improvements to be made?

    Just asking for all us that have not yet purchased a pair yet.

  • Vin-e

    8 months and goin strong! These things have outlasted most of my relationships.

  • Jordan

    here are my straps, that cost me $9 to make vs. $60


  • kyle

    LOL they look like 9 doller straps

  • Sam

    dude you got ripped off, $9 for a length of velcro? thats bull.

    if you want equipment that is quality you have to pay extra, but in the bike world you actually get what your paying for, people dont ride profile, velocity, or sugino just for the brand, they ride profile hubs, deep vs, and 75s because they work, they dont bust (well, just rarely), and the word of many others will tell you so. just because you can save money by making them yourself doesn’t mean they’ll keep your teeth in your head, wait till those $9 fuckers break and you’ll see just what legitimate foot retention is worth. $50 wont look so bad trust me.

  • dontcoast

    mine ripped. 3-4 weeks of fixed polo and some intense city riding. ripped under the pedal where it threads thru

    i was using them on metal bmx platforms, often in steel toe boots, and for polo…but still.

    thanks for kicking down anyways asphalt, they rode great while they lasted…
    i repped them hard but since they broke so quickly i cant really get behind them that much.

    ill throw some pictures up eventually

  • I’d say the metal pedals might be to blame on that one. Thanks for the comment, do post pics when you get them.

  • ct justin

    i have a pair from before production, the ones with the huge logo and star across the top. i commute everyday and they are holding up just fine and as far as for trickin they work great because i suck and fall all the time and mine haven’t ripped through.

  • I just switched from cages to straps/Hold Fast and I’ll never go back. The feeling is real secure and the cross stitching looks REAL durable. Easy to get used to as well. Glad to see they’ve been working so long for you John. I’d hate to dish out any more $$$ on clips/straps/FRS.