Helsinki 78-82 Cruising Jan 13, 2010

HELSINKI 78-82 – CRUISING from Top Billin on Vimeo.

Group rides with friends and road flares. I actually like the softened vibrations during the riding scene. Goes well with the basslines. Good one Jussi!

Quick question though, why did the video cause a debate? Looks like a normal ride around a city to me. Some of them have brakes too. So what’s the problem?

  • Thanks for posting this, man!

    One of the best tracks coming out from Helsinki recently if you’re into this type of stuff at all.

    The debate, well, people just have different opinions on personal stuff like style of clothing, ‘taches, bikes, product placement in the video and such…

  • Hartboy

    normally im so-so on videos like these. but the music, camera angles, and editing make this a top notch and enjoyable video. keep up the good work!

  • even whitout wheelies haha. but I like this video. spend time like here riding, little drinking with friends, nice edit

  • Bubba

    Yeah good little edit just makes me wish it wasnt raining here in the NW

  • Rui

    Maybe the controversy has something to do with all the cliches in this video? Fixed gear bikes, riding to the bar to lock up and drink, moustaches and sleeve tattoos, lots of cruising through lame traffic like they are trying to emmulate big city couriers (albeit slowly) messenger bags and hipster issue clothing. Did I miss anything?

  • yes… “electro”

  • 2:30 dickmove

  • yeah right. one video like this is not bad for one day but give me some Wonka edit!

  • I really like the edit. It’s what “a lot” of fixed gear riders world wide engage in. Face it, this is what a lot of people do with their bikes and it’s completely OK!

  • josh

    anyone know the song?

  • alex

    does anyone know the name of the song?!

  • The worst day riding bikes is better than any day at the office (unless it’s office ho’ tuesday…)! This vid makes me want to go riiiiiide

  • The name of the song is, now wait for it: ‘Cruising’, by Helsinki 79-82.

    Rui got it right, concerning the debate thing.

  • i see bikes, beer and riding. whats the problem?

  • Nick

    To to “2:30 dick move” comment: looks like the light was yellow for the riders.

  • Tbone

    sweet mustacheconversioncigarettes

  • That is a great song. nice vid.

  • joe

    Looks like fun. Nicely shot & cut.

    Right now in the UK ice & rain & freezing wind is making riding a bit rubbish.