Grandmaster Flash Rocking a Merckx Jersey Jan 21, 2010

A reader posted this photo (well, an altered version anyway) of Grandmaster Flash in last week’s Merckx Monday‘s comments. I’m speechless.

Thanks Brian!

Edit: Yes, it’s technically Melle Mel rocking the jersey.

  • Mars Blackmon

    that’s actually Melle Mel in the Merckx jersey (Flash is behind him in the purple thriller prototype jacket), Scorpio is rocking a gold trenchcoat over yellow Mark Spitz speedos. little known fact the furious five were avid tri-athletes

  • damion

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  • 120spaced

    …is that even a speedo? it looks like tighty-whities, only yellow…tighty-yellows? not-so-mellow-yellows? they look to have the that unusable piss flap thing in the front.

    please don’t ask me why i’m obsessing about this when everything else is so amazing.

  • ern

    ahem, melle mel’s name is actually grandmaster melle mel. he earned that shit. its like when you are knighted. juss sayin

  • Hey John, what part of the photo is altered? If its shoped, they did a pretty good job!

  • mars blackmon

    ern you are right but i am a grandmaster as well. my title allows me to address fellow grandmasters informally.

    grandmaster mars blackmon