Gran Royale Lurker Build Photos Jan 20, 2010

Photo by Calvin C

See. I told you so. Doesn’t that thing look nice? I’m impressed. In case you can’t tell what it is, it’s the Gran Royale Lurker, shot by Calvin at Fixie Pixie. Check out one of my favorite details on a street fixed gear below.

Photo by Calvin C

Now whether or not this integrated seatpost clamp will break after use is for us to only guess. But overall, I think this complete, especially for about $700 USD, is looking good. Calvin shot these pics for a local shop called DJ BMX. He’s got a bunch more detailed shots over at Fixie Pixie. Be sure to check them out. It’s amazing what a bike in a normal backdrop will do for product shots. So much more pop than a studio shot.

Gran Royale Lurker

  • dennis

    what’s the geometry on the frames?

  • Thanks for the post, bro!

  • cass_kee

    i can hang my ten gallon hat on them handle bars…

  • Any idea on what kind of tire clearance it has? Also, are those 32’s?

  • I like it. Looks good.

  • That seat-post clamp works for their BMX and DJ bikes. At least it works on my Nightrain. Then again, I don’t sit on that saddle. This bike looks pretty. Not my thing though.

  • Jason

    has anybody ridden one of these? and yea hows the clearance?

  • Eilif Knutson

    sweet! The frame looks great. Not digging the forks.

  • danny

    Just realized I posted this on the old post about the bike, but yeah.

    For the 350$ it would cost to get one from QBP (I’m assuming thats who is distributing them, as Q carries eastern) it looks like a fantastic bike to use as a beater/winterbike/playbike/spare.

  • Andrew

    You can fit a 35C tire on the rear, 32c if it is slammed.

    As for the front you probably have clearence for about any road tire.