Gipiemme Scans at Tears for Gears Jan 21, 2010

At first glance, you might mistaken this Pista group as Campagnolo, or maybe even early Dura Ace. Even though Gipiemme’s products looked just as legit as their more expensive counterparts, they never gained the credibility that Campy still has to this day. Jeremy at Tears for Gears just scanned in a few GPM catalog pages that are worth checking out. The pew pew pew groupo is still, to this day, one of my favorite groups.

Thanks for sharing with us man!

  • ben


    All Gipiemme did was re-tool old campy stuff.

  • Isaac

    I had a Somec that came full Gipiemme. The cranks were so soft that I had to replace the bottom bracket with a longer spindle, otherwise when torqued all the way down they would hit the chainstay. Never had any other problems with the gruppo though.