Geekhouse Bikes: 26″ S&S Coupler Polo Bike Jan 31, 2010

Photo by Geekhouse

Marty at Geekhouse always seems to crank out the most uniquely-crafted, and still tastefully-designed bikes. This single-speed, built for Evan, is a 26″ polo bike with S&S Couplers for traveling to other cities’ polo tournaments. What a rad concept. Someone should do a freestyle / trick bike with couplers. Would be awesome to see a Bruiser, BMW or a Charge broken in two and packed into a box.

Check out some more photos here at the Geekhouse Flickr.

  • that green and purple color scheme is off the hook! but I dont think S&S couplers can take the kind of shit you do dude.

  • Oh totally… still would be cool.


  • Medic

    I’m psyched to see evans bike up here. I’m looking forward to my next trip to seattle to hear about how it rides. Other players have breaking frames and they work and hold up great during crashes, torqueed out sprints and general schenanigans.

  • Harry

    Kinda reminds me of a mid 90’s fat chance mtb…

  • Evan

    This bike is so awesome! I just played in the LA Polo Picnic Two with it and it performed flawlessly. So much fun to ride and play polo on.