Free Styler 2 Jan 31, 2010

Free Styler 2 from ryo ubota on Vimeo.

Starfuckers welcomed a new rider to their team recently. His name is Coichi and as you can see, he’s all about the fixed flatland. It’ll be interesting to see how he mixes both styles together and uses the fixed drivetrain a little more in the future.

  • It’s about god damn time! This shit looks so ill and fun!

  • Jonny soto

    fucking nutty

  • BMX flatlanders in the early 80’s strictly ran fixed gears and they pulled some interesting maneuvers off bigger wheel means more roll more roll leaves more time for linking 2 and 2 makes 4 kladow.

  • trevor meyer

    extremely basic flatland manuevers on a big bike and everyone is blown away… lol

  • andy

    that’s so sick.

  • diggin’ it. bringin’ some new styles to fxd.

  • prettyboy

    I know I’ve posted this before but:

    Hello Trevor :)

  • it is hard not to compare fixed gear to skateboard or BMX (or even snowboarding)when it comes to the stages such a discipline has to go through before achieving a definite identity. I liked watching this video. It reminds of the Rodney Mullen days of skateboarding. He was freestyling, really, but when dude added some speed and applied to a street infrastructure, he instantly revolutionized skateboarding!

    I can’t help but wonder, between all the different sub-disciplines of fixed gear riding, which combination will eventually reveal what’s the true specificity of it…

  • prettyboy

    Thank you maxime, that is what I’ve been looking for inside my head but couldn’t articulate it.