Flat Out: A Track Bike Journey in Oz Jan 12, 2010

Flat Out is a group of riders who will be traveling from Sydney to Melbourne during the hot summer months on track bikes. Patrick from GOrilla is planning on riding the 1,020 kilometer trip and was kind enough to send me the information.

Expect updates from the ride soon and the guys will be videotaping their journey in both HD and Super 8 so look out for an edit in the future. For more information, check out the Flat Out Facebook page.

There’s another (somewhat gruesome) filler below. Poor little Wallaby!


Be safe out there guys.

  • This ride has actually been happening for quite a few years. Called the cannonball run, it was instigated by messenger and all round good guy Scooter. To many peoples dissapointment Scooter decided to call it quits this year as the ride was getting too large for his liking. Good to see that someone is continuing the tradition, but I know that the few riders that did it fixed last year struggled with quite a few sections… don’t try it brakeless!!

  • Scooter’s the man! I met him at the CMWC this year. Awesome!

  • Unsure who is is running this? Cannonball was not going ahead this year, instead Melbourne folks and Sydney folks are flying to Brisbane to ride Brisbane to Sydney. 5 days and 1000kms. February 14th 2010.

  • No that wouldn’t have been Scooter, he didn’t go to Tokyo. He’s now running his own business Impact Massage and is working for a few cycle teams here in Oz.

  • Hrmmmm. Ok. Good to know. Thanks.

  • Yeah, pretty sure Flat Out are OS guys coming down here to do the ride, the Cannonball Run is not officially going ahead and there is a separate bunch heading to Brisbane to ride to Melbourne. Mega.

    John, here’s some snaps from the Cannonball Run we did a year ago, from Sydney to Melbourne (1,220ks):