Exclusive Look: Answer Rove DJ Stem Jan 26, 2010

Product shots courtesy of Ben’s Cycle

While I was in Milwaukee this weekend, I met with one of the Answer reps. He had just given Drew at Ben’s Cycle some prototype dirt-jump stems. I saw these in person and was immediately stoked on them. So legit. They’re similar to the DH stems, but designed for DJ bikes. The machining is spot-on, available in colors and not at all as heavy as I thought it would be. There are some more shots below, as well as some product information.

Product shots courtesy of Ben’s Cycle

Really awesome pewter finish with your choice of anodized face plates.

Product shots courtesy of Ben’s Cycle

They’re 60mm wide at the clamp, 35mm and 50mm in length and weigh around 200 grams. 31.8 bar clamp only.

Tom and I will be testing these out, along with some new bars, so expect some more information to follow.

Thanks guys!

  • I really like how wide the clamp area is.

  • Sloppy Beef

    WTF? Cog, Ben’s/MKE, Fixation, 1/8″ and Answer are all in Milwaukee? There can’t be any room left in that town for Laverne and Shirley anymore.

  • One of the things that was made evident this past weekend is that MKE is a HUGE cycling powerhouse. Manitou, Sun Ringle and Waterford as well. It was pretty rad meeing all these people who actually CAME OUT to the events and hung around all night watching.

    Great support from those brands.

  • Vas

    Answer has some good products, but that stem is UGLY AS HELL! :)

  • Russell

    Actually Manitou, SUNringle’, Answer and Wheelsmith Spokes are all divisions of Hayes Disc Brakes – all located in the MKE area.

    Less then and hour west you’ll also find Trek, Fisher & Bontrager.