Ed Glazar: Prolly Wall Ride Queens NY Jan 3, 2010

Photo by Ed Glazar

Ed has been riding my ass for weeks to come out and ride this spot by his place in Queens. He sent me a picture and it looked fun, but I had no idea how steep the wall was. Even with the weather today being in the teens with 10mph winds and snowy, I really wanted to get out on the bike. We met up kinda early and rode out to the spot. Like I figured, it was much steeper than I thought it was.

Photo by Ed Glazar

I still feel like I’m not back at 100% from my injury in Tokyo and last week I got hit by a car so I was pretty beaten up. At first I was getting it, but not as high as I wanted to. Finally I just hit it going fast and popped onto it and popped off. Like all wall-rides, the moment where you have to huck yourself off the wall takes a few moments to dial in. Eventually I got a few nice ones. It started to snow heavier and we were getting cold, so we split up for the day.

Here’s the spot. the vertical surface starts out at around 3 1/2″ inches and goes up to about 5′. There were no tire marks on the wall when we got there, which either means not many people ride it, or they clean off the glazed tiles when they get dirty. As we were leaving, I snapped a few pics showing my marks. I could only imagine what someone like Wonka or Tom would do here but it felt really good to be back at it. Even after falling hard a few times, I’m starting to feel like I’m back in commission.

Thanks to
Ed for the photos. Maybe I’ll go film this spot for Bootleg Sessions 4.