Dirt vs. Yellow Cab Jan 7, 2010

Photo by Massan Fluker

After getting hit last week (I was wearing a helmet) on my ride into work, riding past a site where a woman was killed on my ride home, seeing the “Nose Pivot Gone Wrong” video and Massan’s latest post, I’m really really really going out and getting a trick helmet this weekend.

That’s it. Life is too precious and I’ve been a bit of a hypocrite (ok, you win Morgan). So thanks to Kyle from Tracko and everyone else who’s been saying that I should be wearing a helmet. You’ve finally worn me down.

Dirt was hit by a yellow cab last week and is recovering slowly. I saw him a few days afterwards and he was pretty beaten up. Glad he is alive and doing well. Goes to show you how dangerous this city is to ride in.

  • jdub


  • nate

    daaaamn. after seeing all of this I’m going to start wearing my helmet regularly. there really isn’t any good reason not to.

  • word word.

  • obama

    where can I find a good trick helmet?

  • you never know what will happen or when it will happen.
    bern and protect, google bmx helmets. theres a bunch of companies.

  • ryedooger

    Bern makes some good helmets. The Krink helmet is also pretty cool.

  • Joshua

    Alright! I cracked, I cracked… I just bought a helmet

  • Yikes, get well Dirt!

  • lyb611

    the past two weeks I have been making it a point not to forget my helmet. As much I as used to hate wearing one and learning from past un related bike accidents it really is pretty important.

  • antihero1972

    I have been wearing mine all winter long, its a tough call when summertime comes because I love riding in just my ballcap especially when just bar hopping. damn i hate seeing and hearing about these things.

  • Damn! Good to hear he’s recovering. I used to ride w/o a helmet occasionally, quick trips round town, down to the bars in the summer, etc. What eventually converted me to a helmet, full-time, no- matter-what, was seeing 3 customers come into our shop last summer who’d been hit by cars (not all at once).

    In all cases, their helmet save their life. No joke. Hearing their stories, watching my friend Dave come in with his daughter in one arm, a bag of shredded bike clothes in the other for the insurance adjuster, wrapped all on the left side of his body for road rash, hit me really hard. That image will forever stay ingrained.

    The moral I took from it is you never know where or when it could happen. Maybe I’ve turned to an old man, but I’d rather look ridiculous and sweat a little more than be fed through a tube and never be able to ride, paint, play guitar, kiss girls, drink beer, etc for the rest of my life. I know helmets don’t guarantee safety all the time, but they’re a HUGE step up from nothing at all.

  • Damn…..Dirt!

  • prolly-
    Thank you for this post. whether you know it or not, you’re a role model for some bike riders. I host races and demand racers wear helmets (most seasoned racers do, anyway). One 2 or 5$ entry to win some schwag from sponsors or a fancy jump down a flight of stairs is not worth getting killed or going to the emergency room. And it happens. Thanks again.

  • Joao

    ^my thoughts exactly. nice of you to post this man, cheers.

  • As for helmets, choose one that you look good in. You are more likely to keep wearing it. Got helmet hair? Slap a cycling cap on.