Dickies for Blue Lug Jan 28, 2010


Japanese bicycle shop Blue Lug worked with American workwear staple Dickies on a pair of workwear pants specifically for urban commuting and cycling. Hard to tell from the translation, but it seems that Dickies has a Japanese campaign called “Ride a Bike for Dickies”. I do remember seeing something about it when I was in Tokyo for the CMWCs; but I don’t recall seeing these pants. Special features include a slimmer cut, adjusted fit in the crotch area and reinforcement in the belt loops.

Retail is set at 9,800 yen, or +/- $100 USD

More photos at Blue Lug’s website; colors available are blue, gray, khacki and black.

  • 29.99 shoe werehouse

    dam yoo come on down to the 29.99 shoe werehouse we got all the dickies you need to go with them new jordens an we will evin throw in a free obama xxl t shirt pop the fuck off

  • igor

    [email protected]$100 dickies.

  • antihero1972

    come now $100 for Dickies thats just plain stupid, the whole point of Dickies is they look good and there cheap. WTF is with the so called Bike clothing compaines charging so damn much. fuck them all. come down to real level that we can afford.

  • juanitaspanks

    What kind of stem is that? Its sexy

  • Pretty sure it’s a custom stem for that bike. The bike’s got a lotta nice details.

    As for the pricing on these, I have no idea why they’re so much. But “other” companies are using technical fabrics, which drive the cost up and the performance of the piece up as well. I.e. a cotton hoodie is going to be less than a schoeller / gore tex.

    It’s a pretty simple formula.

    But Dickies, no idea.

  • chris

    whatever with the dickies. What’s up with that bike? Where’s the seat clamp? Is it me or is there a restriction about halfway down the down tube? Agreed, nice stem!

  • All I got, the rest of the photos came out shitty and I never posted them

  • The seatpost is a quill-clamp. It expands like a stem into the seat tube flare. The stem is a fast-back clamp too.

  • chris

    Clean build with those kinds of details.

  • dp

    I seem to think that regular Dickies work just fine. And you can usually find them used for like $10.00.

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  • Matt

    You guys are missing the point.
    It’s 100 dollars for Dickies in Japan.
    The Japanese buy plane tickets to other continents just to go clothes shopping.

  • Peter Mac

    Seriously $100 for dickies pants, I always thought Dickies was meant to be value for money, even in Japan thats expensive regadless of them going to over continents to there shopping.