Diamond in the Rough Jan 13, 2010

Let’s see how many of you can guess what kind of frame this is before seeing the next photo.

Photo by CrossColin on Flickr

Give up? Look at the fork crown.

Now sure, some will say this is a beat-to-shit junker, not worthy of a restoration. But a Super Record equipped Colnago of an unknown year might clean up nicely. I’m sure with a little investigative work, the owner will be able to track down the model and tubing. It’s so rusted out in some spots, it’s hard to see the lugwork. We’ll have to see what comes of this project. Hopefully Colin will update us with a photo, post-restoration in a few weeks. Or months?

  • looks similar to my 81 Colnago Superissimo, the group is the same, the head lugs are the same, the tubes might be the same, super narrow seatstays, no braze on for front derailleur, brazed cable stops on the top tube, fork is(was) chrome, but i just noticed the chainstays arent stamped with colnago and the fork crown is different so it might be an earlier superissimo or maybe a mexico

  • Yeah, I thought it looked like a Super but wasn’t sure. Like you said, no panto on the chainstays. Either way, it’s going to cost a lot to restore and it always begs the question: is it worth it?

    You could get a used Colnago frame in great condition on ebay. But then, what’s the fun in that?

  • Craig

    Nice find! It looks a lot like the ’80’s Atala I rode into the side of an Escalade…Craigslist by any chance?

  • dam i had my mind set on an older bianchi cross of some sort . . then i looked at the closer photos, and it’s pretty clear.

    well worth the investment !!

  • Circle A Cycles are the people to turn to for restoration work! I can see this being a beautiful one! Love to see this bike brought back to original beauty.

  • The working parts don’t look in too bad shape. I say just clean it up and clearcoat that badboy. At least then you could leave it locked up without worrying about it getting pinched!

  • Paavo

    Restore? As in tune up and polish the parts, hell yes. Please don’t touch the patina on the frame, It’s never going to be new again anyway.

  • Sure it’s a nago? Back then there were a lot of fake nago’s. I myself for example have 2 bikes standing which both have the Colnago cutouts in the lugs, but they’re both not original nago’s…
    Have you got any more info on the frame/bike?