Derek Joseph for Revoked Jan 6, 2010

Video Still by Donald Arrodondo

Derek, aka DJ, is seriously getting it. He posted some video stills to Trick Track from an upcoming video project called Revoked. Fonseca has some more shots on his Flickr but this 360 out of a banks is scooped! Too bad the landing didn’t work out so well for Derek’s front wheel (see below). Oh and a roof gap?!

Video Still by Donald Arrodondo


Can’t wait to see the Revoked trailer. You guys have so many projects in the works. Keep pushing it!

Derek Joseph 180 Toboggan

  • Chris

    Damn Go big man !

  • dj”one man wrecking crew”

    yoo prolly!!! thanks for the upps! but yo that was just one pic!(the landing)we put up,theres alot of clean landed ones,but yeah,its not from the same clip,landed it clean,in the vid it will show,the pic with the bad wheel i ate it reel bad

  • haha maybe is because of weather

  • i wouldnt call that a legit roof gap its like a sidewalk width gap or two forearms width, lets be real.

  • D.J. is sick, i saw the 360 clip and it is solid.

    The roof gap is sort of weird though. I wouldn’t call it pointless, but the roof and balcony are almost the same height.

    I am stoked to see this video project though.

  • jockers inc.

    HFWIDO and WONKA calling people OUT. WAY to be supportive. humility goes a long WAY. your not as good as you think your

  • kiddo

    uhhh.. yeah those kids are as good as they think they are. And I concur. DJs roof gap isnt so special. He looks like an old BMX rider that can do a couple BMX tricks on a fixed gear. He is good but just like the other 500,000 kids out there these days. Nothing special.

  • fuck the bullshit,in the end hes riding a bike and having fun doing it. try hating on that! hes still having fun..haters..

  • I will never try criticizing anyone again if thats the reaction I get from it. There Is no reason to get angry, I cleary spoke with respect in my comment, if you cant see that then you dont need to read the internet at all. From now on, I wont say anything to anyone. This shits wack.

  • hold on a second, did i just click on the wrong site? is this the come up? adam! adam! where’s adam22?

    criticism is important. being a dick isnt. torey was clearly making an observation, one that alot of people agree with. its not to discount the roof gap, but it wasnt as death-defying as others are saying. and wonka’s comment was perfect. thats why i love wonka. say it because no one else will. lets not sensationalize shit that doesnt need to be.