Dentation/015: Nabiis, HK Fixed & Doubledog Jan 30, 2010

Photo by Nabiis

As a dog owner, I know the feeling you get when you take your dog on a ride. Or in this case, dogs. This photo is part of the Dentation project Nabiis is working on with Doubledog and HK Fixed. Two dogs, stuffed in a messenger bag, are fitting mascots for China’s first independently-owned streetwear company and their first collaboration with Nabiis and HKFixed.

Check out the rest of the photos Nabiis posted from their Dentation/015 photo shoot on their Flickr and read more about the Dentation project here.

  • Hi Prolly

    Thanks for the post


  • dog just got all his shots…taking him out this weekend.

  • andy

    does it occur to anyone that riding with a dog in one’s bag, particularly on a trackbike in traffic, is perhaps morally irresponsible? What say does the dog have if an accident happened that caused significant pain, suffering, or even death?

  • … or a brakeless bike in traffic – putting you and other people’s lives at risk. Granted, I usually ride with Pixel on my road bike, since it’s easier to coast and brake, but you can say the same “moral dilemmas” about people riding with children’s seats, or children’s tow-gators, or dogs in baskets. It’s not always about your riding as much as it is about people’s driving.

    Regarding a pooch in a pack, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal honestly. People see a dog in a bag and I always feel like they give me more room when I ride.


  • red dog

    I dont see the big deal in riding with a dog either… Theres a difference between mashing while brakeless and just riding to get somewhere…. Of course theres issues with problems not being your fault and cars and hobos popping outta no where but in that case you woulda been f’ed walking your dog anyway…