Death Pedal 2 Trailer Jan 29, 2010

Death Pedal 2 Trailer by Kareem Shehab from Killa Kareem on Vimeo.

Great animation work, great soundtrack and great bangers. Holy shit. Pre-order this ish right here.

Death Pedal 2!

  • bangers cant wait. keeps on getting big and better. oh yeah

  • sd

    yea kareem!!!!

  • jason miller

    looks like the last death pedal,not to excited…still filmed with the same vx1000..looks not too great if you ask me,the 13 stair is gnar,but congo does a 14 in revoked it looks like,idk…

  • aj

    this Death Pedal will blow the last one out of the water, plus its not being filmed by ricky anthony hahah. love you kareem

  • Jason, not everything has to be filmed on an HVX homie. I don’t thin DP2 is fronting off Maca / MASH.

    Also, one-upping stair gaps as bragging rights is fucking idiotic.

  • /\ El Oh El Smiley Face at fonsucka trying to be anon.


  • Congo and Torey, can’t wait to see there sections!

  • Derek joseph

    all bikes…
    no bullshit
    no drama
    no more shit talk
    this shit is dumb
    i wana see bikes and buds..
    thats it.

  • werd up DJ. Wish you were at the MWM. It was a blast!

  • The Revival

    This looks amazing!!! So good Kareem, I can’t wait to see it!

  • vin-E

    premier at SWSX???!!!! Yo Third Coast Crew you should host a throwdown that week!!

  • Derek joseph

    i wanted to go badd but it just so happened to land on the day that the band rufio had their reunion show,couldnt miss that hahaha it was good.but it looks like shit went off! next year for sure ill be there

  • Kareem, this looks sick. Cant wait…

  • soooo sick! i like the way its filmed too! all gritty and gnar, reminds me of the OG bmx videos. good shit kareem! cant wait, but i guess i’ll have too lol

  • Very Nice!

  • Sooo brutal! The riding, footage, editing, animation, and song are all bangin’. This shit is seizure-inducing! The trailer definitely made my day. Can’t wait for the full feature. Big ups, Killa.

  • oddfellow

    dudes, i actually really like the quality of this trailer..

    haha, it reminds me of older skate videos where it was just about having fun and having bros.

    and! those animations are ILL! i wish they were a second or so longer though; i’m sure the movie will be sick!!


  • nir

    damn! cant wait to see this shit. third coast needs to gather in austin more