Chula Vista Fixed and Revoked Jan 29, 2010

daystuff/hd test from Marcs CVFG on Vimeo.

The Chula Vista Fixed crew hung out with Fonseca the other day to film for his moniker-project, Revoked. There are some photos up on Marcss Flickr from the lil session and more information can be found here, at CVF. Keep an eye out for more from Revoked.

Revoked Trailer
DJ Mull Two Minute Preview
Derek Joseph for Revoked

  • Revoked will be sick! With Gus (aka Life Size Eric Puckett) and those long haired hippie guys. Cant wait to see it! I bet congo is going to do something epic in this shit.

  • Yeah, looking forward to it. I wanna see Slayor get some limelight. Stand-up dude all around and the CVF dudes rule!

  • Jamie

    Yikes! Couldn’t have freeze-framed a creepier image for that video haha

  • Derek joseph

    all bikes…
    no bullshit
    no drama
    i wana see bikes and buds..
    thats it.