Charge Scissor in Stock at BTI Jan 4, 2010

Tom LaMarche’s bike of choice, the Charge Scissor, has finally hit the shelves of US-distro house BTI. They’ve had the listings up on their site for a while now, but no stock. Now’s your chance to order one.

On a related note, Tom’s recent bike check in LOOP had a slight misprint. If you were wondering what prompted me painting my fork, that was it. Sorry guys!

Via Pedal Consumption

Bike Check: Tom LaMarche

  • Already sold out? I’ve been waiting for that bike for a while. Can’t wait to read some reviews on it.

  • Have these not been posted to the BTI site yet? I swear I just looked last week and it still said they were out of stock.

  • BTI has them but they are all sold out. We have a few handful of these framesets coming in by the end of the week. If you really want to get one we can ship these out to you. Contact me for details.

    [email protected]

  • ben

    WHO HAS THE MEDIUMS FER THA Tall DUDES???? iMINUSd and houston fixed only have smalls!!!!!

  • ben

    if any tall mf’ers are looking for it, it’s at they’ve at least got a few, i just ordered one..

  • Matt

    Yo, whats the tyre clearance on scissor? got 42 city contacts on mine for a while and want to go bigger! 47c would be rad, says everywere that its 45c tops?