Canadian Metal: Wilis’ Marinoni Jan 30, 2010

Last year, I shot a few photos of Wilis’ Marinoni after a solid year of riding it everyday on the streets of NYC. The bike is a classic example of Marinoni’s attention to detail and unique seat-tube cleaves.

Not that I dislike bikes with wear and tear, because it shows character, but it was starting to look a bit weathered. Shortly after I took those photos, Wilis decided to send it back to Marinoni for a proper restoration. Check out the results below!

Here are two ‘before’ shots for comparison to…

Photos by Wilis Johnson

… the ‘after’ shots.

Photo by Wilis Johnson

Seriously, stunning restoration. Re-chromed and re-painted with the original decals. Gorgeous! Check out the seat-tube cleave as well. Can’t wait to see it built up man!

Wilis’ Marinoni in the NY Times

  • It sure does look pretty, almost too pretty for one-eyed-Wili to ride. Remember Wilis, you should not be riding this one at FDR…

  • Being the previous owner of three Marinoni road bikes ranging from ’81 to ’90, I must say I was a big fan of the patina on this bike. Not to say it doesn’t look great with new paint, but the wear of so many years is something you can never get back. Regardless, these bikes ride beautifully, so I hope Willis enjoys its new coat!

  • TOM

    Holy shit this thing is so pretty. Can’t wait to see this thing back on the streets. Congrats Wilis.

  • Wilis

    Thanks everbody!! This is a frame that I rode for a year and beat the piss out of and it could keep up. The geo is on point given my reach. Thanks so much to prolly for the hook up!!

  • I filled the Seat Tube with Piss for ya, Bilis.

  • Where did he have the original decals done? I want to do the same on my ’87 Marinoni. Could you help?