Cadence x DVS Milan CTC Update Jan 7, 2010

Here’s a small update on the Cadence and DVS Milan skate/cycling shoe. First spotted at Zlog with the redirect to Tokyo Fixed Gear’s Flickr. More information below.

Edit: I just got sent higher-res images, so check them out below.

There’s also a sneak peek at some shirts and the packaging that will be included in the release. Looking good!

Back at Tokyo fixed Gear, Max says:

“We’ve been looking for more info on these shoes since we saw the first teaser photos. We were very happy to be contacted by DVS to stock them. They will be in for June 2010! The shoes will be released with a limted run of T’s designed by Cadences Dustin Klein!”

I’m sure your local DVS dealer can order these, but if all else fails, you should be able to get a pair from Tokyo Fixed Gear‘s online shop.

Updated high-res images – click to see full-resolution:

Thanks to Give & Take for sending those over!

Cadence x DVS Milan CTC

  • I’m probably going to get a pair in every colors I’ve always liked DVS. Used to ride them when I rode BMX.

  • t-bone

    I think these shoes should be renamed “narcissism”.

  • all i can think of is YES! i cant think of any other word but YES! YES!

  • Ben Stoddard

    “Narcissism” why?

  • prettyboy

    I think I have missed something here? It’s a skate/cycling shoe. How has it been tailored towards cycling. I down loaded the large picture from the flickr but still couldn’t read the text. Is there something there? They look like a skate shoe with Cadence labels on them.
    Maybe the soles are a bit stiffer or the heel cup has been recessed.
    Mad sprocket though! The best I’ve seen so far.

  • Spencer (SF)

    Dustin should just have a bunch for sale in his Analog Guerilla store on Steiner in the City … they’d sell so fast too..

  • Alex B

    saw some samples today, they look really legit.

  • beastly

    thats a god damned brilliant shoe right thurrr to bad it will cost both legs.. and a finger. sick shoe fro real tho ;)

  • If the sole is vulcanized on the sole and outsole, they’ll be stiff. If they’re gum, I don’t think they’ll be stiff enough. Will be interesting to see in person for sure.

  • Hillbilly

    Any new word on these? Last I heard they were due out in “May”. Any updates?