Burning Witch “Still Born” on 29Live Jan 13, 2010

A recent email conversation with a friend ended in an exchange of messages containing Youtube clips from favorite albums. Everything from Bathory to NME to Sacrifice. One of the last songs was a super sludged-out band he grew up with and my reply was the above video. It’s a live video recording on Seattle’s 29 Live of a band called Burning Witch.

Burning Witch will always be one of the bands who just seemed to “get” how to make sludgy doom more dynamic. Their history is rooted in Thorr’s Hammer and members went on to form Goatsnake, Sunn O))) and other doom acts. After working with Steve Albini (think Blessed Black Wings), Burning Witch released the Towers EP in 1996. The band split up shortly afterwards and Greg Anderson went on to form Southern Lord label in 1998.

This band has to be one of the better acts to have ever come from Seattle. Ever. Their albums (well, EPs) are all worth the pick-up and are highly addictive.

  • burning witch, and then later on when khanate started, literally changed my life. haha. truly threatening music, which at the time (and still alot today) is pretty much unheard of. although i’m sure many beg to differ. they were on to some truly next level shit back then.

  • julio

    thors hammer is the shit. burning witch is better imo. sacred predictions is one of the best “sludge” metal songs ever.

  • streets

    Seriously, Edgy really needs to be in another band in the same vein as Burning Witch.

  • Hollywood Koal

    Go to Outback Bikes in Atlanta and make fun of him.

  • SurlySteele


    His New stuff, He is holding it down in ATL.