Andrew Voegeli 180 Jan 20, 2010

Photo by Jarred Bourgholtzer

I saw this photo of Andrew the other day and had to post it. Love this 180 onto a loading dock. Really rad. Andrew’s riding is getting progressively better. Be on the look out for this kid from Florida! One more after the jump.

Photo by Jarred Bourgholtzer

Nice! Saint Petersburg’s coming up!

Keep ripping Andrew and thanks to Jarred for sending over the high-res shots.

  • FALSE! I guess riding your bike just to get pictures to post on a blog is cool. I can pretend to be good too, who’s got a camera?

  • Your point is…?

  • disregard that prolly,

    i just like to make movies that show how cool I am on my fixed gear bike while i show you how much weed I have and how often I smoke. I was high when i wrote that previous post, but all i really want is some internet fame. could you post my pictures on your blog?


    ben & co.

  • Vas

    ben, you sound like a cool dude and fun to hang out with, you wanna be friends?

  • okay so that wasnt me. dont disregard me. im from florida, and have never in my life seen that kid at a trick comp in my life. and we make edits of what we do, cause we dont care what people think cause we dont have baby vaginas. and i was snorting cocaine too dumbass.

  • andrew voegeli

    haha cool bro ive never been to a trick comp? i got 1st place in one like 3 weeks ago.. and im out riding everyday with or without cameras. really who gives a fuck? HATE!

  • muddy waters

    Shitty ben, please don’t think your the only dudes from Florida who do tricks. Besides, I’ve seen your edits, and aside from a couple of bunnyhops, the biggest trick I saw go down was some dread-headed, toothless ginger doing coke. Laughable, to say the least.

    So you really should hate less, and ride your bike more, so maybe you can be as good as this kid here.

  • you clowns need to chill out.