Actual Pain Balaclava Jan 5, 2010

Man. How’d I miss this? Well, I didn’t miss it, because I ordered one, but I had been sleeping on checking Actual Pain’s blog over the Holidays and this must have slipped under my radar. Balaclavas are crucial this time of year and living in Seattle, TJ and the Actual Pain crew know how to stay warm. Of course it’s got that Actual Pain twist. He only made 35 of them and they were listed on December 18th, so no telling how many more there are.

Grab a Creep Mask for $25 shipped, from the Actual Pain Store. Or, if you live in Seattle, swing by Winner’s Circle.

That’s not all, check out something else TJ posted that somehow I missed below.

I doubt this is an official video, but it’s pretty dead on.

TJ’s top 10 Metal Albums of 2009 on Metal Buzz shares a prime choice with my top 10. Fukpig‘s Spewings from a Selfish Nation ranked #7 on his list. I’m glad I’m not the only fan!

Keep it coming man, we’re enjoying the shit out of your stuff over here in NYC. Sorry SoCal, you guys can’t wear these.

Prolly is Not Probably’s Top 10 Metal Albums of 2009
Actual Pain: Spring 2010 – “Old God”

  • Gordon

    That’s pretty sick. Kinda want to cop one. I wonder if it’ll fit underneath a helmet…

  • Yeah, I wear a winter cap over my Balaclavas during the winter, under a helmet. I have a Descente one that I’ve owned for 4 years or so.

  • reminds me of neckface….

  • not saying he is biting his style…just to be clear.
    love it!

  • DZA

    so fukpig is really Tragedy played at 78 RPMs?? really good stuff… its like tragedy plus contemporary darkthrone (world burns to death?)

    anyways, had i heard of them, theyeda been in my top 5.

    is luchos name really klauss? do they have krauts in colombia? argentina sure, but colombia? huh…

  • anon

    Neckface, anyone?

  • Doug

    Definitely thought this was a neckface “collabo” at first…