A Quick Minute with Mike Dinh Jan 5, 2010

Quick Minute from Mike Dinh on Vimeo.

Ok, how old is this kid? Who is this kid? Seriously, fixed gear riders keep getting younger and younger. Are fixed gears the new BMX?

prepares for backlash


  • Mike D

    Hell yeah, so stoked! Thanks Prolly for putting this up. I’m 17 by the way :)

  • cr33p3r

    I like litto gangstuhs named mike dinh

  • Alf

    No way you are 17! 12 if anything..

  • FGFS is the new BMX. In the sense that it’s a collective progressive movement.

  • wat da succ do? doooo-maaaaa! (dinh would understand what im saying)

    well, if 30’s the new 20, then i guess 17 is the new 10.


  • yeah man thats fixed gear cradle snatching
    check it: http://www.facebook.com/tuong.dinh

  • smartguys

    yea, think about when aggressive inline skating started, it was a youth movement… i always thought that this fixed gear scene was kinda backwards… all 21+ getting into it cause they are only ones that could afford the bikes… when cheaper bikes are available, the younger kids can get into it and hopefully bring more to the table.

  • FMX