700cmx Stickers Jan 14, 2010

700cmx stickers are in stock. Get some here.

  • levenger

    what’s up with fyxation tires? they’re a sponsor of yours, but no one seams to be rocking or commenting on these. too skinny at 28 max? folding bead no good for fgfs?

  • They’re great tires for track bikes and bikes with smaller (28c is more like a 30c) tires. I LOVED them when I was riding them, but I need at least a 38c, if not bigger. I think they’re working on new products though. (actually, I know they are).

  • alheim

    JP, do you know that 700cmx is pushing a product (‘blaq’) that is essentially a hold-fast ripoff? See http://700cmx.com/2010/01/10/once-you-go-blaq/

  • alheim

    and i added a comment saying “holdfast ripoff” and they did not approve the comment. lulz

  • asdfg

    i dont consider blaq as a hold fast rip off. you can definitely tell theirs a difference in design and also quality. Thats like saying shadow conspiracy is releasing a trickster handlebar rip off. More options are better anyways. I do own a pair of hold fasts by the way. =P

  • Edward Scoble

    Oh dearie me.

    Since BMX translate as ‘Bicycle Motorcross’, then 700cmx translate as ‘700c motorcross’.

    whoever thought of that name should be given a nice little smack on the cheek.