700cmx Interviews Wonka Jan 8, 2010

Travis at 700cmx has interviewed Wonka. Some really good Q&A and Wonka doesn’t hold back from voicing his opinions. This one made me chuckle.

It seems like a lot a of the big names in the ’sport’ have been getting away from the fakie side of riding. What about you? What do you think about it?
I never rode fakie and I’ve been saying fuck riding backwards, shit is weak!

Read the whole Q&A here.


  • More Fakie Less Forwards! If riding fakie is weak then why ride Fixed at all? You can go much bigger and much smoother on a freewheel… and if commuting on a bmx is your concern then do tricks on a brakeless 26 or 29er or something… Brakeless Bmx’ers race those bikes around Manhattan all the time. I am sure you could ride a faster freewheel brakeless… and do tricks on it.
    No disrespect to Wonka (even tho there seems to be some serious disrespect toward everyone who enjoys riding fakie or doing spinning tricks), but 2 things really get at me with this comment.

    1. I feel like comments like this put a cap on the direction of the sport. Tyler Johnson is one of the sickest riders because he does just about EVERYTHING. and he finds a good balance between the fakie, the spinny, and the big shit.
    I feel like the biggest names in the sport are noticed because they do their own thing, and fuck the rest. They are creative with how they ride. Some choose not to ride fakie so they push it oneway. others simply have an eye for creative lines. some just have mad skills all around. Guys I really think you just need to push whats good for YOU. What is ‘weak’ is not doing what you think is fun.

    2.Riding fixed is fun because it has unique opportunities for tricks that freewheels don’t. Riding fakie is one of them. We should be more creative and push the tricks that other bike can’t do.

    But anyway, I’m not trying to get people to sensor their opinions or anything. There is a reason why 700cmx is interviewing Wonka and not me. He is a straight Killa on the Gorilla, and i have serious respect for him. I am sure he could give a fuck about what I think anyway. But since opinions are floating around I thought I would give mine. I’m sure I painted a target on myself with this one…

  • marrrrk.

    Great post KrEEEstowfUr, I couldn’t have said it better. Any sort of shit talking about styles within our sport will only limit us. There is no doubt that Wonka is an innovator in 700CMX, but with a closed mind like that he’s allowing others to come up and take his spot…

    Just imagine if Wonka were to change his mind about riding fakie. It would be double the amount of tricks to add to his repertoire! This is why riders like NASTY are so dope. A great balance of big tricks forwards and fakie.

  • Burd

    Glad to hear he’s doing shit pegless now. Dood’s too good to have to use a crutch like that.

  • Less fakie. He’s right, stop riding backwards around a parking lot. This 180, ride fakie with a full cab out is just lame looking, It was sweet for like the first 10 people, Wonka just keeps raising the bar on shit that no one wants to do because it seems like it’s TOO big. I doubt anyone would’ve hit that ramp to ramp wallride other than him and Tom. Realistically, when the fixed gear community stops doing two star gaps, and fakie riding in parking lots, that’s when the progression will start. Him and Tom just happen to have started the band wagon. Everyone’s going to follow sooner or later.

  • Edit:

    Thanks Mark. Sorry I had to add this. I want clarify my point. It’s not so much about wanting him to ride fakie or about diversifying anyone’s riding.

    I guess the main reason I posted that comment was because of my general disappointment with that attitude and the needless disrespect. I think we get enough of if from the rest of the bike community. He doesn’t owe it to anyone to be polite or supportive about other styles, but that talk just reminds me of thecomeup. Unnecessary…

    My last point… Aren’t all bikes “one man moving machines” (with exception to Tandems)? If it’s about eliminating extras (brake, cables, gears) then why not ride a singlespeed freewheel brakeless? Especially if you are about moving forward and not backwards… Nigel Silvester doesn’t have any trouble stopping his brakeless bmx. He just wears out the rubber on his shoe rather than the rubber on his tires.
    I think the phrase “it’s fun” is a good enough reason to do tricks on ANY bike. No need to diss other styles.

    But yes Mark Tom Mosher and Tyler Johnson stood out in Revival because they have that blend of creativity, bmx, and core fixed tricks.

    Anyway… this is enough opinion for one day and one person.

  • mat

    forget the fancy ballerina shit..ride tough or join the circus…dudes are doing shit mad slow and 1 inch off the ground…..pop your tricks and stop saying “sport”…..USA!!!! so go and leave your MEOW,MEOW,FAKIE BARSPIN PROGRESSIVE MEOW COMMENT….IRAKREW NYC BABY.

  • Maple

    We need Fakie Hop Bars down gaps and sets!!! thats the real fakie!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rand0m

    Yet, everyone will still do fakie tricks. It’s just another trick and it’s fun to do them. There’s no reason to stop doing things for the sake of “progression”. It is sad that fixed gear riders even hate on each other.

  • 700bmx

    shaaaaaaaaaadahhhhup, shitless pegs and trolls. i have more fun riding then reading blogs

  • Hplusson

    Aww (:. Wonka’s hating on riding fakie because he knows he can’t do it :D

  • random

    I’ve heard that he can’t actually ride fakie… never seen him go fakie for longer than a couple of cranks in videos.

  • Wonka has a tendency to come off like a real jerk online. In person he’s a lot more human and you can just tell him to shut the fuck up when he’s being too absurd.

    Though discouraging riding styles is pointless, we need growth and expansion, not negativity and stifling attitudes.

  • I just meant stop having fakie be dumb, and progress with it.

  • i love you and chill. i hate on riding backwards because its not that cool and i cant do it ..hate on it mainly because its something i could never do but if i could do it i wouldnt be riding around in circles in parking lots id be hopping 180 onto ledges and fullcabing off high off shit. thats clip worthy stop getting so but hurt this is a conversation. stop getting so upset go ride your bike =)

  • I’ll tell you one thing, I’m not going to stop enjoying riding backwards or going into stuff backwards just because somebody who cant buy beer thinks it’s not cool. Learn to ride fakie and do stuff out of fake and then you can get on the internet talking trash about those who enjoy it.

  • Marty

    +1 “Shit is weak”

    Come up with something new because the same old fakie edit is “boring”.

    Get creative, it’s 2010.

  • Hey in the name of progression (both progressing past this mindless argument and progressing the trick game), I got 20 bucks for anyone who pulls that 180 up-ledge full cab out Wonka just laid out! Post the vid and earn some cash =)

  • downunder

    If you can’t ride fakie and you hate on people who do, that makes you just as ignorant as bmxrs who hate on tricktrack riding. From the passed few interviews you come across as a self-important prick. Lower your ego mate. It’ll make you more likable and maybe youll learn to grow up. Right now you just come across as some snot-nosed ‘I want it all’ kid who thinks there better than they are. if you cant ride fakie and you hate on it then why ride fixed? you could ride 26″ freewheels and go for it. I guess there are already people who are great riders that you would compete with and you wouldn’t be anything.

    You would never hear Tom say something like that and that is why you will always be in his shadow. Wether you like it or not.

  • Damn guys. Simmer…

  • Jordo

    less talking more riding everyone. you dont need wonka’s approval to ride your bike. riding fakie isnt lame y’all just aren’t doing it right ;)

  • I wanna post in here too!
    DP2 Coming to a store near you…!

  • BEEeaner

    why cant he ride fakie? 14 years olds can do it.

  • To downunder, some of your points are relevant, but then you got real disrespectful. Tom doesn’t say anything, to any of you, because he could care much less about anything that goes on the web community of wasteful bullshit. He is a good friend of mine, and I have talked to him before about certain things and he shits on them just as Wonka does, but Wonka is more open to the web. Quit fucking comparing and contrasting an do whatever the fuck you want.

    As for saying that anyone is in anyones shadow, who the fuck has the right, or mind, to say that in public. You look like a prolapsed ass hole.

    Meet any of the people that i ride with in person, and say something like that, and take note on there reaction.

    Thank you.

  • death

    damn fame has us turning on each other. looks like we will kill it from within’. ridng bikes are what’s fun, not your video,, are your image. i think you guys are all wrong. Wonka stated his opinion, you all stated yours. awesome. now let’s all go and do what we love. try to get more hits on your viemeo page, and talk shit about others in our “small community” so sad, what you rollerbladders have brought to the game.

  • Torey, I think getting mad at an anonymous commenter on the internet is called falling victim to a “troll”.

  • poop butt

  • Its 2010 guys. Forget Fakie and Forget Forwards. It’s time for someone to start riding SIDEWAYS.

  • Ungrateful

    I think it’s really amusing how he doesn’t give credit or a shout out to his sponsors who have given him parts and flown him places. I suppose he is just trying to reinforce how much he really deserves all the hook ups that he gets regardless of who may get screwed in its path. The companies owe him not the other way around?

  • damn fame has us turning on each other. looks like we will kill it from within’. ridng bikes are what’s fun, not your video,, are your image. i think you guys are all wrong. Wonka stated his opinion, you all stated yours. awesome. now let’s all go and do what we love. try to get more hits on your viemeo page, and talk shit about others in our “small community” so sad, what you rollerbladders have brought to the game.


  • Marty

    Sideways would be cool.

    Someone’s gotta throw the gauntlet down on that one !!

  • sean milnes

    ive ridden with him, ive watched the shit he does in person. he can back up what he says. and the fact that hes saying it and digging up so much shit from everyone means that hes struck a nerve. hes doing just what he should. this shit needs a catalyst. time to start stepping up and out of the parking lot.

    thanks wonka. its about fucking time someone said something.

  • Ok, Russian Spam has started to trickle in. Closing the comments.