3Peak High and Pedaling: Kozo Whip Jan 31, 2010

Photo by Momiage

The Japanese always have the weirdest names for trick comps. At the recent 3Peak High and Pedaling competition Kozo landed a tail whip over a small pyramid. Hole E Shit. Oh, there’s more here at Momiage’s Flickr.

  • anonymous

    ive been throwing these into the foam pit, the bar will be raised at the richmond comp for sure

  • Jordan White

    not hating cuz i cant tail whip shit but people have tail whipped a 26″ frame before. still hard cause you gotta land and roll out fixed, but i’m not impressed.

  • prettyboy

    I am impressed! I’ve seen a million tailwhips, whiplashes,ankle deaths, crossfooted whiplashes flip whips, front flip whips, hopwhips, 360 hop whips, doulbe, triple, even quad whips. They’ve been integrated into trials. There are a lot of variations you can do with this trick. Yeah I’ve seen them before, they all look rad. But I’ve not seen one on a fixed gear. This is raising the bar dramatically in an emerging sport. This deserves recognition, IMO.