Yep, It’s Snowing Dec 20, 2009

I just rode a few blocks to the bodega to grab a 6 pack of Budweiser and man, it’s a mess out there. None of the roads have been plowed since earlier in the afternoon and the streets are empty.

From the looks of things, I doubt Monday’s commute will be fun! This sucks. I hate snow.

  • Ya Detroit got hit with abit . What tires are those Kenda couriers ?

  • They’re Specialized Hemispheres 38c

  • Snow is sooo fun to ride in for like a day. Unfortunately it always seems to stick around for longer than that.

  • jayjay

    It’s a nice warm 60 degrees here in northern Florida. Thank god.

  • Craig

    Boston’s got it too. I just rode less than half a mile and fell five times. Time for the mountain bike.

  • lanny

    stop complaining about the snow pussy!

  • Jose

    16in in Philly. No driving or biking.

  • Montanarchy

    What type of seat do you have on your bike Prolly?

  • robmyers

    sf even got a little bit, not down in union square or anything but it was gettin down as far a 400 feet above sea lvl.

  • How about we hook you up with an Outlier hoodie for those pics of your snow machine!

  • jhanathan

    you don’t even have fuckin’ hills!

  • jurij

    Man same thing happened here in Budapest, went out on bike last night regardless and we had a blast with my girlfriend!

  • we had a high of like 18 for a few days here in eugene, I went out to check my friends bands show out, and ate shit multiple times on patches of ice….by far not my best decision

  • julio

    richmond got hit with a foot an a half almost two feet. fucking sucks

  • As Craig said, Boston got it, and it’s coming down here too. They’ve barely even plowed the streets in Allston. On the up side, no where to go today. Guess I’ll catch up on sleep and maybe treat the bike to a nice cleaning.

  • Charles schoen

    Cleveland got hit with a womping……. 1/2″ …… But, I’m still out of a bike :,(
    And.. I have a secret winter warehouse =)

  • chris

    I would love to ride in a bit of snow here in Austin. I should be careful what I ask for…

  • stefanie

    Philadelphia got a good 23 inches yesterday, and I noticed it hasn’t stopped some cyclists. saw a few on the road this morning and I’m amazed, my little civic can’t even take the PA hills.

  • Wah-fucking-wah redbeard. The fun has just begun!

    I rode home from BCC at 12 and then to work at 6:00 am. Had to get out and push on kingsland.

    Next-Big-Ting: Snow CMX[email protected]/4198664745/

  • his seat is a selle italia turbo

  • Polish meat shop on the left white sign board “Polska Masarnia” on that first photo heh

  • Yeah, I live in “Little Poland” in Brooklyn; Greenpoint.