Wrahw GOrilla Dec 2, 2009

Wrahw GOrilla from hfwido on Vimeo.

Torey’s new mini-edit for GOrilla and his blog WRAHW. I didn’t catch the 6-stair wheel grab until the second clip. Wheelie 180 as well. Kids picked up on that one fast. Opposite-foot hop wheel grab and hop bar looked nice too. Lookin good man!

  • Lord Lasagna

    wheelie to 130 to hop hop out of the view.. prob not pulled

  • He has come a long way this year

  • Nah, you can see his wheel cut back to a slider. He pulled it, granted it was a little under 180, but still.

  • tyler johnson

    I love torey, but this is exactly what mosher and I were talking about the other day. I have been able to do wheelie 180s for over a year now, but never got them that clean, and unless you do them how tom did in the japan video they just look sketchy and not good IMO.

    The wheel grab down the six stair was rad, and those gorillas are amazing I finally got to see one in person in Paris, and was blown away.

    Keep it up Torey. (get those to 180 without hops and youll be golden)

  • Charles schoen

    Props too torey!
    I think he may be my favorite rider, an you gotta love the GOrilla fight flashes

  • Christian Death ftw