Volume Bikes Thrasher Build Dec 17, 2009

Volume just posted a Thrasher prototype build to their blog. Looks pretty nice. Volume claims they did a great deal to eliminate overlap. This is probably due to the longer top tube and more relaxed head-tube-angle. There’s still a prototype fork to come, but the Fu-manchu looks pretty tight on that build. One detail I missed was the cleave in the seat tube, allowing the wheel to be slammed.

Overall, it’s a massive improvement over the Cutter and will prove to be a highly competitive frame in the fixed gear freestyle movement. Interesting move on the Mid BB. That eliminates the option for the Truvativ Omniums and other track q-factor cranks, no?

More to come from Volume.

Volume Bikes Thrasher Money Shot
Volume Bikes Thrasher

  • joe dem

    sprocket looks good too! i like that it looks like a spider and chainring from a distance.

  • nigga

    cuz they want to sell more demolition 155mm crank for barspinzzz yo

  • Birthing Pains

    No more overlap on barspins?

    Because of this convenience, seems like any bar-hops on the frame SHOULD have the disclaimer: “Performed on Thrasher.” I guess this is just the transition of generations between freestyle frames (one with/without overlap), but accreditation of riders doing them WITH overlap deserve their due credit.

    The MidBB is just the next step of FFG becoming more of a bmx machine.

  • Yes, but it requires new riders to commit to a +/- $500 frameset and a +/-$300-$350 crankset. You can’t run a Truvativ Omnium on a Mid BB, or other options. You’re requiring users, regardless of use or skill to buy into a BMX (splined) drivetrain, which is very expensive when compared to a 144bcd or 130bcd crank setup.

    Also, the HTA is a huge distinguishing element in the equation. A slack, or obtuse HTA will create less overlap, but more trail and more trail = a slower machine (technically, in framebuilder’s terms) – touring bikes and city cruisers have slack HTA’s. Racing bikes and track bikes have steeper HTAs. Most modern-day BMXs have steep HTA’s as well.

    As I said, it’s a great dividing factor between the brands and options are a GOOD thing.

    I’m still torn on the Mid BB.

  • horse

    by mid bb do you mean it has less drop?

  • john

    I guess the point of the Mid BB is the bigger bearings can take more static load and therefore last longer. Same reason Euro BB’s didn’t last in BMX, or why almost every BMX company uses Mid rather than Spanish. It may limit crank options, but if you’re building a bike to do tricks, why wouldn’t you spec a crank that was designed for doing tricks?

    A slacker HTA would make the bike more stable at high speed, which is why bikes for dirt jumping tend to have slacker geo than street bikes. Obviously Volume only did it to get clearance for B’s. The slack HTA will make some tricks more difficult, think nose mannys and stuff like that.

  • puckett

    I got mine built last night. Still haven’t built a 700c front yet and my shoulder is still giving me problems but it feels fuckin goooooood so far. I never claimed that there was no overlap, I haven’t put a 700c in the front so I don’t know yet but when I do I’ll let everyone know. John, mid BB’s are the easiest thing to work on. You ride for profile so why would you be against bmx cranks? I understand about the whole options deal but think about the market. What are these bikes made for? Yes its different, but do you think that bmx bikes looked the same 5 years ago? Has yer euro BB ever randomly unthreaded? I know it happens quite often to lots of folks including myself. But regardless of what I think, this is STILL a proto. If you don’t like something about it or wanna see something different, get on trick track go to the thrasher thread and give Brian some feedback. Being polite makes a difference btw. I love the seat tube. It really makes a difference. Even with my wompy ass rims I’m clearing 38c with plenty room. Ill keep everyone posted as I get this thing rolling like I want it and my shoulder heals. 2010 I’m gonna fucking griiiinnnndddd!

  • “Being polite makes a difference btw.”

    Puckett, I have voiced my opinion in a very polite way, both here and on TT. Simmer buddy. I’m not against BMX cranks, I never said that, I was just stating that switching to mid BB requires people to ride them and many people can’t afford to make the switch at the same time as they just bought a new frame.

    It’s a valid point.

    I thought I read somewhere that you and Mosher worked on eliminating overlap, sorry. Wasn’t trying to put words in your mouth.

  • are you saying you dont like the BB for you to ride or you just dont think it will sell as well? And by obtuse’ headtube angle, they made the head angle more slack than it was?

  • Krillz, I’m not saying either. I’m saying that I am torn on the decision. We talked about doing it on the Bruiser, in the second gen proto. We figured we’ve already got 990’s, gyro drillings and OS tubing, so why not try a mid? We ended up deciding against it for the time being because a large number of people still ride cranks like the Truvativ Omniums, which held up for me fine and a lot of other people ride them.

    As Puckett stated, I do ride for profile and I’m not against BMX cranks, just looking out for “other” people in the market. More than likely this will become the standard, much as it has for BMX, but in the time being, I’m just trying to gain an insight into the decision.

    When I was talking to Mosher about the Thrasher, that’s one of the things he said about the design of the bike. That in order to eliminate (most, if not all on the larger sizes) toe-overlap, they made the HTA less-steep (slack sounds negative) and made the TT longer.

    I’m not opposed to a less-steep HTA. The Charge scissor has a ‘slacker’ head tube angle and a lot of people like the way it rides. The bikes are still in the experimental stages and HTA is one the dividing factors in their designs.

    Oh and Horse, Mid BB is a BMX BB with press in bearings.

    They’re very inexpensive and lighter (ounces) compared to Euro BBs. There’s also no threading to strip and multiple companies make them.

    Puckett, one other thing, I’m in the practice of blue-loctiting just about everything on my bike. That with using a cheater bar and I’ve never had a BB back out on me.

    I know Gus was saying he’s had the problem before and so has Tom.

  • puckett

    Wasn’t referring to you about bein polite. Just sayin brian gets a lot of emails/ comments. I know I wouldn’t want to have to respond to a bunch of nasty comments. But he could use all the feedback he can get. Regarding the mid BB, I agree it may hinder people from buyin the frame but for the most part a lot of riders doin freestyle and needing this kinda geo are already using BMX cranksets. I think it’s a good move to push the technology towards easier-maintenance/ more durable components.

  • With a bike with a 74.5 HTA and euro bb you can do tricks, play polo and run fast.
    With a bike with 71 HTA and mid BB you can do tricks and little else.
    The nice thing with a fixed gear 700c bike is that you can do almost everything, but since some people buys and rides a fix gear only for tricks the Trasher can be a good option (but not for me)

  • so what is the order of all the major fgfs frames according to HTA. what is the steepest to lowest hta on say, bmw, charge, kilroy, bruisers, leaders, pk rippers, thrashers, etc.

  • stabilo

    i rode a frame with 72 head tube and recently built a cutter which has 74 with the same components and i definatley feel like this build is slower or maybe ive just been riding against the wind

  • Hey dudes!

    i just ordered my thrasher frame and im looking for a quality crank set and sprocket. what are my best options? i dont know much about BMX parts. let me know.