Volume Bikes Splined Sprocket Dec 6, 2009

Volume Fixed has posted up a few shots of their splined sprockets. Right now they’re only available in 36, 46 and 48 teeth. Expect a few minor adjustments to them, but for the most part this is what the final models will look like. I gotta say, the design confused me at first. At a glance they look like a new splined spider and a chainring. I’m sure that’s intentional. Rather than looking like a bmx sprocket, they actually look like a track bike’s chainring. Pretty cool take on it. Release? Not sure. Keep checking their site for updates.

  • dennis

    probably made that way so you can run a mke stout or a bashguard. imo that’s pretty dope!

  • zach

    what kind of bottom bracket do you need to run for a splined sprocket and cranks?

  • Dennis, Yeah, makes sense.

    Zach, you need a Euro BB with a 48t splined spindle for your fixed gear.

  • radam

    eww . not a big fan of the polished / color.
    Its interesting that they have that “track” look to a splined procket. IMO Tree and Profile sprockets are 100 X better looking and PROLLY better functioning.