Velo Orange Polyvalent Dec 3, 2009

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a touring bike. Not to necessarily go touring with, but to commute on in the rain, haul shit around and it would most likely double as a guest bike since I don’t foresee any guest wanting to ride my brakeless track bikes or vintage road bikes around NYC.

Chris Kulczycki in Annapolis, MD is the man behind Velo Orange. He originally had a few frame builders from the US making his bikes, but as times changed, he had to look to cheaper fabrication. Luckily for VO, they found a good manufacturer overseas to build their new Polyvalent bikes. Complete with rack mounts, fender mounts and clearance for a 650b wheelset and 44mm in fenders, the Polyvalent is a great option for someone looking to spend around $400 on a frameset.

Polyvalent means “general purpose” in French and this bike is just that. A city bike, a touring bike, a commuter, a comfort bike, whatever. It’s got all the details of the classic bikes, a 39mm trail, low-lustre paint and a retro geometry. They just arrived the other day and already the guys at VO are experimenting with builds. I’d put a Suntour group on it with dirt drops and barcons but the build above is downright classy!

Full specs can be found here, at the VO site.

  • Edward Scoble

    Speaking of those kind of bike, I really love to have the Geekhouse Woodville with internal gears hub.

    they’re simply lovely.

  • s

    thanks for the tip.
    I’ve been looking hard at a BJ World Tour or a Mercian King of Mercia for the same reason. This reminds me of a Surly, only with nicer lines.

  • do you think its your guests that wouldnt want to ride the bikes, or maybe its that you wouldnt want them riding those nice bikes? haha

  • You’re not having over enough guests if you haven’t found anyone to take you up on your brakeless track or vintage road bikes.

  • definitely consider using a IGH for urban booting around. it will last forever and give that bike a real utilitarian capability.

  • Brad, Alex nailed it on the head! ahaha.

  • jake

    That’s 39mm trail, rake is 63mm.

    Surly’s all use OS tubing. This bike will respond nicely to

    I’d consider Longleaf’s modified Kogswell, coming soon:

    Nawth Cack, bro!

  • It is not a well known fact but all Velo Orange frames were made by NYC resident Johnny Coast up till fairly recently. I would like to think folks would consider him an option if looking into this style of bicycle.