Underwear Ride: A Protest of the Bedford Ave. Bike Lane Removal Dec 18, 2009

No words. Just action. Tomorrow night.

Gothamist, Brooklyn Paper and the Post‘s coverage.

  • oneangrytoast

    sunset, lol, all the hasids are gonna be out there. u guys are amazing.

  • I would so go to this if I were in NYC this Sat…

  • HartboyDC


    it will only hurt your cause. the only thing i see this accomplishing is making a community that has been in that neighborhood for generations angrier. I suggest trying to find a rep from both sides sit down and discuss a potential agreement that tries to make sure both sides are heard. The vandalism and “funeral parade” only makes the people involved look childish. This a community that is rich in history and tradition but has had to adapt to a modern world that often doesn’t see things they same way. Treat them with respect, perhaps present data that shows why bike lanes are a good thing.(if such data even exists). Do it diplomatically please.

  • tugboat

    How cold is it in NY right now??

  • Here’s my $.02

    The Hasids in the South side of Wburg own some ridiculous percentage of the North side. In an effort to make more money off the “hipsters” in the North side, they’ve raised the rent, forcing the “lower income” hipsters out and placing the “higher income” hepcats in.

    In doing so, the “hipsters” take Bedford ave north-bound to the “hip” part of Wburg. This is what pisses the Hasids off. Little hipster girls wearing next-to-nothing (what we would consider “normal” clothing, they consider “next-to-nothing” – i.e. shorts and a t-shirt) and aggro hipster boys yelling at their buses as they try to run the cyclists over.

    The Hasids started a FUCKING FLOOD and they can’t control it. Their best way to protest it is to pull some Taliban-era bullshit religious jihad shit. They call black cyclists “niggers” and call white women “whores” meanwhile they try to pick up and cat-call the women while their wives are at home with their kids. Now I’m not speaking for the whole population, but it’s a vast majority. Enough of a majority that if it were ANY other “ethnic” group, the City would have NOT torn up the bike lane.

    They need to get over it. They created this Gentrified monster and it’s their own damn fault. I’ve had the minivans try to run me over. Have had them throw rocks at me. I don’t agree 100% with the nude-aspect of the protest, but do agree 100% with the NY State law that ALLOWS me to take the lane as a legitimate vehicle.

    On numerous occasions I’ve had near-death experiences with Hasids in Minivans cutting me off, abruptly braking in front of me and rocks and shit thrown at me. Bring the media, bring the mayor, bring everyone to witness it. The more media showcasing this, the less-likely the “general public” will support it.

    Again, my $.02

  • diskonto

    Don’t get me wrong, biking anywhere on Bedford south of the bridge feels sketchy, doubly so with the “minivans of death.” Bike lanes on Bedford are an amazing thing/idea/whatever, but I’m still going to ride up Bedford, bike lane or no. But, I agree that this is getting a bit ridiculous. Why/how did this get framed in terms of ‘Hasids’ vs ‘Hipsters’?

    I feel the same way about this as when I quit riding in/supporting critical mass.

  • It’s because the media refers to the “cyclists” as “hipsters” hence my quotes. Gothamist, Gawker, Daily News, the Post, etc all referred to this as the “hipsters” vs “hasids”.

  • Taylor

    diskonto’s got it right. Period. Mayor Bloomberg (the c*nt that he is) would like nothing more than to pit two communities against each other. Bloomberg and the DOT are looking like peaches on this one because people can’t see past South Williamsburg. It’s ridiculous, and short sighted. I’ve been run off by minivans filled with Hasidic Jews on Bedford, yelled at etc… it happens, big deal, it happens everywhere (though I never had a stone thrown at me, that’s some fucked up shit right there) BUT…all this anger (and that’s what I’m seeing) ought to be put directly towards the mayors office and city hall because from his vantage point, Bloomberg is have a good laugh watching this “us vs. them” bullshit from afar.

  • No Bike lane means that I can drive even faster though there, SAFETY ha, I believe that one.

  • ladyrachel

    i got hit over the summer by a min-van that was not at all paying attention (or just didn’t care) and then yelled at for being in the way. while always having to dodge the large tribes of families and men cursing while walking in the bike lane, i find it funny how many times they have asked riders to stop and help them “do work” on the sabbath…add to that how much money they do make off of the people in the neighborhood, the whole thing is bs.
    physically removing the lane just perpetuates the problem of not supporting cyclists in this city by enforcing traffic safety and teaching drivers and peds to share the road…the same also goes for cyclists. segregated bike lanes (or lanes on streets with less traffic) might seem like a good idea, allowing for “protection” but they are nothing more than a band-aide.
    i love how they spin the removal of the bike lane to a “positive” by saying that it is for the safety of the kids and businesses in the area (bc we all know how dangerous bike are!) and how great it is that riders can use the new and improved bike lane just a few blocks away.
    john, your $.02 is well stated.

  • Solo500

    Disrespecting others will not win support for bicyclists.

    Bike lanes are only a means to an end, they don’t guarantee a safe or even a good commute/ride.