Tom Nose Mannie Bail Dec 7, 2009

Photo by John Hargraft

Nothing to say. This is epic. John really caught that OH SHIT moment when you have to bail out of a nose manual. Anyone that does these knows the feeling!

Thanks John! Much more to come.

Tom LaMarche: Epic Nose Manual

  • radam

    I’m assuming the he wasn’t in the straps here, or we be seeing a gnarly face plant. ouch!

    I was super siked on my hold fast’s when i first got them, and still love them for city riding, but when I’m doing tricks or just riding round in circles backwards i never use foot retention.

  • Yeah Johnny! Rad pic from a rad dude…

  • He sure was in the straps. We all ride in the foot retention. That’s the point. Once you figure out how to bail, it’s not an issue.

    You can see here…

  • tyler johnson

    Always in the straps boys! All of us are. I love this photo sooo much, bummer on the bail, but perfect timing to snap this shot!

  • radam


  • Santiago Belmont

    oh man, Did he made it?

  • i know exactly how he feels.
    its easy to fail out of nosemanuals as long as you got it down.
    just gotta jump over them bars i was doing nosemanuals in sf on the sidewalk and i bailed and almost killed a bum hahah

  • stabilo

    didnt he just recently break his wrist or arm on this same trick?

  • Wonka*cs