Tom LaMarche: Epic Nose Manual Dec 6, 2009

Easily the longest nose-mannie on a fixed gear. I paced it off at 15′ long.

In what seems to be a second nature for him, Tom just rode up on it the first try and almost cleared the entire box. A couple tries later and he did the whole damn thing. All 15′ super smooth, slow and controlled with effortless flow. I’ve never seen some shit like that before.

Amazing. One more pic after the jump!

Keep watch for the video in Bootleg Sessions 4. Big ups to the Delco / Philly fixed scene. Had a blast this weekend guys! More pics are up on my Flickr from this weekend.

  • t-bone


  • oddfellow

    nice ‘product placement’ prolly. ha

  • Teh Professor

    This was actually caught on video:

  • I’ve never heard someone compare this stuff to BMX. Well played.

  • Teh Professor

    Fine, you want it on big wheels, you got it on big wheels

  • He’s feathering the brake. BMX dudes do that brakeless. (and they’re manuals, not wheelies. There’s no pedaling in manuals)

    Besides, this is brakeless fixed, which requires a whole ‘nother level of complexity. Bigger wheels, pedal timing and foot retention.

    We’re just having fun man.


  • DAMN

    teh professor go away. Tom we wanna see more wheres the video

  • Teh Professor

    Good lord you people are sensitive. Seriously though, I know you guys hate the periodic invasions of BMX people saying somebody did this 5 times as far and backwards years ago on 20″, but you have to understand how bad you’re asking for it when you call a 15 foot nose manual “epic”. While you’re at it y’all should borrow my Jeter jersey next week when you go to Boston.

    The first pic makes the crank look really short, is his setup like that at all or am I just looking at it wrong?

    OK now for something useful from BMX land:

    and yeah, as like 20 people point out in the comment thread in between all the gay slurs, it’s on backwards. But still, kinda cool and of interest to FGFS since sprocket grinds are the only grids we’ve got. DK hasn’t really messed with chains recently (ever? I don’t remember) so it’s cool to see that company come out with something innovative. If it is DK that is, may just be Adam making shit up.

  • You just have to realize it’s all contextual. A 15′ nose manny on a fixed gear is epic. It’s nothing compared to bmx, but the sport in general isn’t anything compared to bmx. BMX, 24″ 26″ will always trump this fixed gear stuff, but we do it for fun…

    re: the chain, yes it’s awesome, but grinding on a larger splined sprocket just fucks the splined interface up and I don’t want to grind on my “lifeline” ya know?

    re: his cranks. 165mm Profiles. When cornering with wider platforks, a longer crank becomes a hassle. Not to mention overlap issues.

    Here’s his bike:

  • Jake Ricker

    This rules!
    Tom kills it!

    Fixed gears are fixed gears
    And BMXs are BMXs
    Amazing and very technical stuff is being done on both these days
    Its still amazing

  • tyler johnson

    I love how insanely sticked both Tom and Wonkas bikes are after coming back from Japan!

    And We all know tom could probably impress the bmx kids on a bmx like he impresses us on his fixed gear.

  • benbikeninja

    werd up jake. I like bikes. and I always thought it was funny that bmxers would say things like “those bikes weren’t built for tricks.” Until someone came along and made one. Just like BMX doucher.