Tokyo Fixed Gear Shop Front Dec 4, 2009

Legit is the word I’d use to describe the new Tokyo Fixed Gear brick and mortar shop in London’s Soho. It’s jam-packed with goodies and bikes. Literally every square inch has been planned out and fully-stocked. Looks really great. How do I know all this? Max just uploaded a ton of detail shots to the TFG Flickr. Check ’em out!

Tokyo Fixed Gear Shop Opening
Tokyo Fixed Gear: Brick and Mortar Store

  • ian

    I’m visiting London and i was there like 3 days ago! i was wondering why no one had said anything about this place yet, it was definitely legit.

  • Mikus

    You mean snobby!?

  • Tonic Supernaut hanging in the window. Max thanks to Max.