This is Your Cycling-Friendly City Bloomberg? Dec 18, 2009

Photo by Bicycles Only

I could go on explaining my disdain for shit like this, but Bicycles Only does a better job.

New York city garages are finally starting to comply with the law which took effect on November 11, requiring them to accept bicycles for parking. The details of the law are described here.

Unfortunately, many of them are charging too much–this is actually the lowest rate I have seen, among the handful of garages that will accept bikes for parking at all. Even worse, the garages are all charging parking tax, which by state law can only be collected on the parking of motorized vehicles. I guess no one told them they can’t do this! DCA has dropped the ball on this big time.

Pathetic. John Liu, you’re doing a bang-up job over there. Way to put the DOB in charge of things the DOT and Consumer Affairs should be in control of.

  • I thought DCA regulates the prices?

  • The Dept. Of Consumer affairs does. My point is, the DOB has more of an influence over it then the DOT and DCA. Maybe I’m wrong and I’ll edit the post if that’s the case…

  • DCA does not regulate the prices. Garages can charge what they want, BUT . . . .

    the law says that bike parking spaces in garages “shall be protected from damage by motor vehicles by a physical barrier such as curbs, wheel stops, poles or other similar features capable of inhibiting motor vehicles from contacting a bicycle or encroaching upon a bicycle parking space.”

    So, a legal bike parking space is one that cars can’t encorach on. It is a bicycles-only parking space. If garage owners are forced to actually install legal bicycles-only parking spaces, and if they are rational people, they will eventually start offering the spaces at rtes bicyclists will pay, otherwise, they will be sitting there with empty space on their hands.

    All the requirements of the law are spelled out here in plain English. The DCA has an online complaint form that takes three minutes to fill out. What you need is the name and address of the garage, the garage capacity (only 100+ car garages are regulated right now), the garage license number, and the name of the manager who refused your bike, or charged you bike parking tax, or didn’t install a rack in a protected space as required. Most of this info is located on the sign at the entrance of the garage; just take a phot of that and you should have what you need to make a complaint.

  • Maybe I don’t understand NY, but how could they charge you for Bike parking?? Are you not allowed to bring them inside buildings? what about bringing it inside your office? Someone please explain. I’m confused.

  • 3bazuka,

    Most commercial buildings in New York City won’t let you bring a bike in through the front door, even if you work in the building and you have a place to store your bike. Cyclists in New York recently pushed through a law, newly effective last week, forcing the building owners to provide bicycle access under those circumstances; the details are here. But if there is no room for the bike in your office, or the building has freight elevator restrictions that make it impractical to bring it in, you are left to street parking or parking in a garage.

  • jordan

    thanks for posting this john. we talked briefly at peel about how to solve my problem with the freight elevator closing at 5pm, unfortunately garage parking is my only alternative at this point. luckily i can write off this expense on my taxes! fuck the man. better solution- can someone start a non-profit bike parking spot, ie store front where the money goes back to the cycling community.
    (ps 57 cents more then the train)

  • dan

    WOW!! I guess i don’t understand NY either. Keep that law out of Texas! I pay a whopping $1 for a shower, towel, locker and indoor bike storage per commute. And free coffee on Fridays.

    Are there local “commuting friendly” bike shops around that have facilities for daily bike storage? If not, someone should open a commuting station and help with this issue…have people pay but don’t rape them.