That’s for Satan: Oscar Kahn Bike Check Dec 7, 2009

Oscar, you’re my new favorite grom. Wall-rides, hop bars out of South Banks and now a wicked (666) bike check. Love Andy’s narration too, everything sounds proper with a British accent. When are you guys coming to NYC? Seriously! It’s long over-due. Bring that Pirate Ted with you too.

Via Fixed Gear London

  • Looks like a BMW seat stay junction. Hmmm…

  • pimp my ride

    For 2010 I’m resolving to explain away anything ridiculous, weird, or jacked up about my bike with “that’s for satan.”

    Also, does anyone else watch these bike checks and get reminded of terrible low budget porn where there’s some girl on a couch who can’t remember her fake name or how old she’s supposed to be and has to be constantly prompted by the cameraman? This one nails that aesthetic right down to somebody’s phone ringing in the middle.

    Not that any of us have ever seen any porn ever, of course…